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Roll-up Keyboard


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Upgrade UK Layout Flexible Keyboard, CEEBON Waterproof Foldable Portable Soft Silicone Keyboard USB Wired Roll-up Silica Gel Computer PC Desktop...

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Roll-up Keyboard

Here is an ultra adaptable keyboard that’s also a pretty tough cookie. You can roll it up into a like neat little sushi roll, spill water on it, shove it into a bag and take it with you, and it will keep working like a dream.

Slim and smooth silicone keyboard
Ultra quiet and soft touch keys
Can be rolled up or folded

If you use your keyboard a lot in different settings, you need an adaptable and flexible full set of keys that can cope with being moved around and stored in different locations, as well as used heavily. This keyboard definitely offers you all that and more! Fashioned into an ultra slim and smooth silicone design, it’s fully flexible and can be rolled up and easily stashed away in even a small bag. No need for finding another bag to shove a great clumsy keyboard into: this little fella will fit easily wherever you want it.

Plus, the bendy silicone material provides the precious keys with waterproof and dustproof protection. So there’s no need to worry about spilling that drink or having those sandwich crumbs disappear down the sides of the keys. Instead, you can just get to work and do what you have to do in peace. And if you do get something on your keyboard, it’s easily cleaned and can even cope with a bit of cleansing water treatment.

Not only that, but this keyboard also has the bonus of super quiet keys! No more loud and annoying keystrokes and tapping resonating all around you: this is one smooth operator that can be used even in the most silent of environments.

Featuring 103 keys, a USB interface, compatible with all computers and laptops, and with pairing possibilities with Android phones, here is your next invaluable piece of IT kit to help you type whatever you want, wherever you want, without any extra hassle.


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Last update was on: 1 August 2020 13:52

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