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Semlos Magical Colorful Rainbow Light Children's Nursery Projector Light for Bedroom Living Room Childrens

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Rainbow Projector

For lovers of unicorns and sunshine and sparkles and happiness, we present the ultimate in night-light and projector magic. Ladies and gents, may we present the fabulous Rainbow Projector!

Display a full rainbow right inside your own home
Pot of gold not included
May encourage fabulous Wizard of Oz sing-alongs

Why do we love rainbows so much? Because they come with dreams and sunshine and pots of glittery gold? Because they appear with the end of rain, promising sunshine and better days? Whatever the reason, there’s nothing like a full arc of glorious colour stretching across fading gray skies to turn a miserable rainy day into a moment of excitement and victory and magic.

The thing about rainbows, though, is that they appear when you least expect it. And vanish before you can even whip out the phone to take a #SomewhereOverTheRainbow selfie. And you can never find the elusive end of the arc to claim that glittery pot of gold.

Except now you can have your rainbow and keep it! While we still can’t guarantee the shiny pot of gold, we’re certain that the rainbows you can project on your walls and other surfaces around the house will more than make up for that with their colourful and calming six-coloured magic. Turn that drab, miserable day into a soothing, magical and multi-coloured moment.

Small and powerful, the device projects a full six-colour rainbow with beautiful intensity onto whatever surfaces you wish to grace with some calming colour. And since it’s battery powered, it can be placed anywhere to work it’s magic. Use in the kids’ room for some fairy tale ambience and as a soothing soothing night light, or set it up for some romantic and calming atmosphere anywhere you like. The multi-coloured LEDs switch off automatically after 10 minutes to preserve battery life. A controllable, smart, stunning rainbow in your own home? Definitely a dream come true.


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Last update was on: 1 August 2020 13:53

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