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Rainbow Keyboard


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Gaming Keyboard {UK Layout}, HAVIT Rainbow LED Backlit Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set, Black

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Rainbow Keyboard

Can’t see your keys? Want a bit of vibrant LED colour in your computer-oriented life? Here’s a gorgeous soft touch keyboard and mouse set backlit with fantastic rainbow colours.

Compatible with most Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems
Adjustable light modes
Includes multimedia and anti-ghosting keys

If you’re tapping away on your keyboard in a room with low or little light and need to see your keys, what do you do? Light ‘em up with an awesome neon glow! This eye-catching keyboard and mouse set lights up with all the colours of the rainbow. The colour coverage is complete, so while the shell of the keyboard is smooth, sleek and black, every single key is backlit with a vibrant neon light – including the 5 handy multimedia keys. Even if you’re using your computer in a completely dark room, you’ll have no problem seeing all those important keys.

Several keyboard features can be turned on and off, allowing you to tailor the features according to your needs. If you want to turn off the back lighting, a simple “Fn + Esc” command will switch them off. Similarly, the keyboard’s interchangeable WASD and WIN keys can be disabled for gaming if desired. When the work is done and it’s time to play, simply switch your keyboard features on or off as you need, and get started!

The mouse also has an incredible and intricate display of its own, cycling through seven colours of breathing lights. It’s not just visually stunning, either! As well as four different DPI settings, it features six buttons, including a scroll wheel.

Both keyboard and mouse have a USB interface, and used together they really are quite a mesmerising sight for the geek and the gamer. For even more awesome glowing neon IT kit, add this glowing headphone set to the combo and you’ll really have a setup to make anyone jealous.


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Last update was on: 7 January 2021 21:11

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