Personal Radiation Detector

Personal Radiation Detector

RADEX RD1706 Professional Radiation detector / Geiger Counter

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Personal Radiation Detector

Are you fully prepared for the impending nuclear apocalypse?

Or do you simply want to ensure that your environment is void of pesky-particles of radiation? Whatever the case, the RADEX RD1706 Personal Radiation Detector is the toy for you, giving an ultra-accurate reading achievable due to the inclusion of two separate Geiger counters. What’s more, this nifty and indispensable device provides two separate channels for Beta and Gamma radiation (don’t worry about Alpha, it’s really quite harmless).

If you live by the mantra that its better to be safe than sorry,  your money could not be better spent than on your own Geiger counter. You just can’t ever know for sure when the the deadly radiation will hit!

The radiation detection system in this gadget is so hi-tec that it can alert you to danger in as little as 1 second, allowing you to make your getaway before these dreaded symptoms of radiation sickness develop. But if you’re too busy to wait, worry not! This detector even has an alarm system that can alert you when a certain threshold is reached, giving you that extra assurance that your cellular functions are occurring at their radiation-free optimum.

Be sure to store this one away with the apocalypse survival kit, along with the spare pair of the AAA batteries it needs to save your life. Don’t forget – if you really, really have to try it out somewhere dangerous… you could always head to Ukraine and take it along to a tour of Chernobyl!

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