Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick

Obsidian arrowhead guitar pick

Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick
Enjoy a unique sound for your strumming with this arrowhead pick, made from cooled volcanic rock.
Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick

Obsidian Arrowhead Guitar Pick

Made from real obsidian – a black volcanic rock – this stunning pick looks amazing and will give a unique sound to your guitar playing.

Handmade from real obsidian stone
Looks like it’s come straight from an archaeological excavation site
Arrowhead shape gives a good grip on the pick

Once upon a time, our ancestors hunted all sorts of creatures and defended themselves by bow and arrow. Carefully crafted arrowheads were a key to survival, and humans soon discovered that a certain kind of black stone that formed from cooling lava made an excellent material for these arrowheads. Smooth and hard, it could be chipped and honed into the perfect point. That material was obsidian, a gorgeous volcanic glass.

Nowadays we are blessed with plastic, steel, fibreglass and many other man-made materials, but obsidian remains a thing of natural beauty still useful today.  Replace your mass-produced plastic pick with a lustrous volcanic glass version and channel some of that primal, volcanic life into your playing.

Each arrowhead is handmade, and shaped for the perfect grip. Carefully honed edges ensure precision and smooth playing while producing a unique sound.

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