Laser Virtual Keyboard Projector

laser virtual keyboard projector

BlueBeach® Bluetooth Laser Projector Virtual Keyboard for Smartphone PC Tablet Laptop

Last update was on: 20 May 2022 06:39
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Laser Virtual Keyboard

There are times when an external keyboard for your smartphone or tablet would really come in handy. Why not pull out this sleek gadget from your pocket and a project a stunning virtual one onto a nearby surface?

Provides a handy external keyboard and mouse for your device
Pair your device easily with Bluetooth
Compatible Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac OS

We are operating in an increasingly virtual world, but what if even the physical surface your fingers type on and tap was virtual as well? It’s time to change from your boring, plastic computer keys – or the cold touchscreen of your smartphone – to the shifting, evanescent keyboard of this fabulous bit of laser technology. The projection may look like a hologram, but its laser workings ensure it works just like a physical keyboard would.

Let’s repeat that –  this is a laser keyboard we’re talking about. Now if that doesn’t qualify as a futuristic keyboard, what can?

Far cooler than the old-fashioned roll-up keyboard pads, or stiff plastic wireless ones, or whatever else is supposedly a portable partner for your phone, this pocket-sized gadget provides an external keyboard for your tablet or smartphone that allows you to type on various kinds of surfaces with no extra useless kit needed. And of course you can feel lightyears ahead of everyone else bashing away at their ancient bits of plastic.

With a regular English QWERTY layout, the virtual keyboard works with iPad, iPhone, smart phones, computers, tablets, and other similar devices with Bluetooth. Battery powered for ultimate portability.


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Last update was on: 20 May 2022 06:39

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