Jack O’lantern Fairy Lights


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10 Halloween Pumpkin Bauble Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights by Lights4fun

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Jack O’lantern Fairy Lights

Halloween brings along those fab, flickering jack-o-lanterns that fun childhoods are made of. This year, why not increase the spooky fun  by hanging up a whole string of charming, glowing jack o’lantern lights?

String of 10 pumpkin jack-o-lantern  shaped fairy lights
Low-energy LED lights give a rich and warm orange glow
Battery-operated for ultimate portability – place them anywhere

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time to let the spooky side run riot. Now, Halloween isn’t Halloween without a party, and a party isn’t a party without decorations.

So whether  you simply want to give a warm welcome to those little neighbourhood trick-or-treaters or you’re going all out by transforming your house into a full-blown zombie apocalypse, string some of these little glowing jack-o-lanterns up for a perfectly charming spooky atmosphere.

The pumpkins light up with low power LED bulbs that emit a wonderfully warm orange glow while staying cool to the touch, making them perfectly safe for use around the house. Powered by a battery pack which uses standard AA batteries, the lights can be positioned anywhere and are not restricted to areas with a wall socket.

Hang them in the windows, over the door, in the hallway, in the party hall, in the children’s room, over the kitchen cupboards…. there is nowhere these little jack-lanterns can’t brighten up your autumnal season.

The battery box is small and can be tucked away out of sight if desired, leaving nothing but an adorable, beaming row of pumpkins. Happy Halloween!


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56

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