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Hammock Footrest


Hammock Footrest

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Hammock Footrest

Hammocks are the stuff relaxing holidays are made of. Give your weary feet a rejuvenating hammock holiday of their own next time you’re on-the-go.

Relieves fatigue and poor circulation
Hangs from tray table bracket
Stretch, bend or swing your legs in ultimate hammock-y comfort

Every traveler knows how uncomfortable it is to sit for hours in the same cramped position on narrow seats in a plane, train or bus. The worst thing about it is having your legs bent stiff and your feet at right-angles to the floor, cutting off circulation. How is it possible to rest and recharge for the next adventure if your legs are going numb from fatigue and lack of blood?

footrest dimensions

And what if your feet can’t even reach the floor? This is a struggle some of us shorter travelers face all the time with a harsh world full of inconsiderate, one-size-fits-all seating. Most buses, trains and planes have a conspicuous absence of basic foot-saving functions  such as footrests or leg-stretching spaces, leaving poor feet and legs trapped in unending discomfort and pain for hours.

Remedy all that ugly pain and distress by gifting your precious lower limbs with a little hammock of their very own. Hang this beauty from the seat or tray table in front of you, and let your feet and legs relax in a mini hammock holiday right there and then, whether you’re just on your way to work or traveling around the world. A rather fabulous gift for travellers, businessmen, and weary legs everywhere.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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