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Hairbrush Flask

Going out is fun, but drink prices make it hard to get really, really stupidly drunk.

And cocktails just don’t have enough of the strong stuff in them either. How’s a person going to get drunk enough to vomit in a taxi on the way home in these tough financial times? Well, we have the solution for you! This handy hairbrush hides a clever little secret; it can hold almost 7 shots of your favourite grown-up beverage!

Drinking From Hairbrush Hip Flask

No longer will you have to suffer the indignity of waiting in line at the bar for refills. You’ve got the refills right in your hot little hands! And even if those pesky bouncers do suspect something is up, as you stagger your way through Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies,’ trying to grind up against your BFF’s extremely gay cousin, they can search your handbag all they want! As long as the music is loud enough to cover the suspicious sloshing noises coming from your hairbrush, they’ll be fine.

Then wait til their backs are turned to nip off to the bathroom to ‘brush your hair’ again. Pull up a cubicle, sit down with your bestie and unscrew that handle! You’ll wish you’d found this as a teenager, school would have been so much more ‘Par-TAY’ and a lot less snooze!

Filling Up Hairbrush Hip Flask

Filling up the hairbrush with the included funnel is easy.

This flask also actually functions as a paddle hairbrush, meaning you have the ultimate handbag accessory. This clever hairbrush also has a mirror on the back, so you can fluff up your hair with the brush, take a quick shot from the handle, then see how sexily drunk you look before heading back out to the dance floor! A handy funnel is included with this kit, to help you fill the brush neatly without spillage of your precious, precious liquor. You might want to leave the funnel at home though, as it can give the game away.

The genius inventions that is the Hairbrush Flask isn’t just for a night out on the town though; you can use this to get through those long, boring days at the office, hide your drinking habit from the kids, and even take it camping with you! This womans-best-friend also makes a great gift for your Nan; sneak her some single malt scotch inside this innocent-seeming hairbrush, and the nursing home staff will never know! Best of all, she’ll be so grateful you’ll come out a lot better in the will. Who’s her favourite grandchild now? The Hairbrush Flask is the best investment you’ll ever make. Also available in lipstick, perfect for rehab centres and prisons.

Do you need more capacity? Then you may wish to check out the Wine Handbag for a whole 2 bottles of wine, or 1.5 litres of any liquid of concealed carrying potential.


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Last update was on: 25 June 2022 02:51

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