Glass Bottle Cutting Kit

diy bottle cutter kit

Glass Bottle Cutter Kit, Bottle Cutter DIY Machine for Cutting Round, Square, Oval Bottles and Mason Jars, with Pencil Glass...

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Glass Bottle Cutter

Want to turn empty bottles into your own signature range of glasses, vases candle holders and other creations? Do so easily and safely in a few simple steps with proper kit, and you’ll be well on your way to making your own amazing glass creations.

Safe and simple cutting process
Suitable for up to 9 inch jars and bottles

If you’ve seen those videos going viral on the web and on YouTube of people creating their own upcycled classes and other creations from empty wine bottles, then chances are you’ve really been wanting to try out those those cool projects yourself. Perhaps you (or someone you know) have already tried the rather dodgy cutting methods touted on the net, like using pieces of string and other such unprofessional and dangerous equipment to fashion your products.

Glass, however, is quite difficult to cut, and despite how easily videos may portray the process, glass cutting can go wrong very quickly, especially when the wrong tools are used. Nobody wants to slice a finger (or worse) when just trying to exercise their creativity with a cool project. So embark on the endless creative possibilities a bottle offers, in a safe and convenient manner by using an actual bottle cutter for the process.

This bottle cutter simplifies bottle cutting to 4 easy steps, resulting in a smooth and safe cut at the end. The cutter allows careful placement of a deep score in the glass, which can then divide into separate pieces by pouring hot and cold water over the score line.

The glass will crack along the scoreline, neatly separating the bottle into two halves. All that remains then is to finish the newly created edge by sanding it down, and from there it’s time to let your creativity take over and fashion that fabulous item you’re envisioning in your mind!


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Last update was on: 19 May 2022 15:37

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