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Finger Grip for Phone


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kwmobile finger holder set of 3 smartphone holders - enhanced one-handed use - 3x finger strap - grip for cell...

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Finger Grip for Phone

Knowledgeable smartphone users recognise the value and beauty of a finger grip added to your precious mobile device. Not only do they help keep your phone from smashing to the ground, but they also free up your grip on smartphone use so that your thumb can reach all parts of the screen instead of just the lower half and sides. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll realise there is definitely no going back!

Self-adhesive attachable finger sling
Easily attaches to the back of a smartphone
Gives your thumb a wider range of movement

The first benefit of this helpful accessory is that it helps keep you from dropping your phone – the common death of most touch screens out there. Some people may seem clumsier or more accident-prone than others, but the truth is that phones can slip out of the hand of even the most careful human out there. Especially if you’re surprised by something, or suddenly jolted. It only takes a fraction of a second to lose your grip enough to cause the frustrating and untimely end of a fragile touchscreen.

If you love your phone and your money, save yourself the hassle and cost of fixing a smashed screen by preventing the smashing in the first place. With a finger grip like this one, you can secure your phone to your fingers so that it will stay in place, no matter how your hand is moving. Hello, peace of mind!

The second benefit is that of increased accessibility. If you’ve got a smartphone with a screen larger than a credit card, when using only one hand you simply cannot reach certain parts of the screen. After all, most of the hand is tightly holding onto the phone itself, leaving only your thumb to do everything and reach everywhere as the rest of you is jolted about in the train or bus or whatever. Ever find yourself straining to reach the top left corner of the screen with your thumb? It’s hard to do when your fingers are holding up the bottom of the phone. Especially if you have a large smartphone. This, my friend, is why you need a finger grip!

Slipping your finger(s) through the elastic band at the back allows you to support the phone from the middle instead of the bottom, giving your thumb better access to the screen at the front. It also lets the phone hang more from your fingers instead of cramping your hand into that tight holding position, resulting in a much more comfortable grip overall. Now you can hold your phone upside down, above your head, on its side… all with less cramping. Hello, comfort!


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Last update was on: 1 August 2020 13:52

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