Digital Tape Measure

digital tape measure

eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic– 3 Memory Functions...

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Lowest price Product: eTape16 Digital Electronic Tape Measure – For Accurate Measuring – Time-Saving Construction Tool – Red Polycarbonate Plastic– 3 Memory Functions – 16 Feet - £64.85

Digital Tape Measure

Tape measures have served mankind well over the years, but they have evolved surprisingly little over the past century. Now we have finally have one worthy of the modern age.

Easy-to-read measurements displayed on screen
Save up to 3 different measurements straight to the device
Provides both metric and imperial units

Sometimes just the smallest tweak is all that’s needed to make a good invention into a fabulous one. That is precisely the case with the humble tape measure, which humans have been using for aeons to measure walls and doors, buildings, bits of wood and anything and everything else that needs measuring. While the original has served us loyally over the years, it can also be a thing of great frustration. Like when you’ve extended it out into some hard-to-reach corner and then somehow have to get your head into that corner to read what  the measurement actually is. Or when you’ve seen the number, sucked the tape back into it’s nifty case, and then realise you’ve forgotten what you just read and have to do the whole rigmarole again.

Of course, a bit of flexibility, as well as having a pen and paper at hand, can solve these annoying mishaps, but for those dealing with countless measurements and conversions and materials, it can be so easy to misread or forget one. And to be frank, DIY projects are enough of a hassle as it is – who wants to realise halfway through installing a new shelf that they misread a number and now it’s too big to fit the space?

Thankfully we live in the 21st century, which means there should be no reason for this kind of unnecessary frustration. So save yourself and that project this the hassle, and upgrade that lowly tape measure to a glorified new version kitted out with a simple but genius little screen. The digital display makes reading measurements easy, as it displays them clearly on the top of the measure itself.

And not only does it make those pesky little hidden numbers so much clearer, it also includes a memory feature which allows the past 3 measurements to be securely stored in the gadget itself. Just pull out the measuring tape, follow the numbers on the screen , and when the desired length is reached, tap a button and there you have it! Saved to this life-saving little bit of kit for all your reference needs. Sleek and rugged, the measure can display measurements in metric or imperial forms and includes several nifty advanced features such as centerline calculation.
So don’t let the thought of that upcoming project put you down: arm yourself with this trusty device and you’ll be all set to conquer whatever measurements come your way.

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eTape16 ET16.75-DB-RP Digital Tape Measure
Last update was on: 25 June 2022 01:44

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