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Undercover iPad Tablet Sleeve by Luckies

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Envelope iPad Sleeve

If you’ve recently purchased an expensive tablet and don’t want to run the risk of those pesky street thugs pinching it from you, this cool and comfortable tablet cover might be what you’re after.

Shaped exactly like a standard envelope, the Undercover Tablet Sleeve is a lightweight but durable protective case that will disguise and protect your lovely tablet from prying eyes, dodgy pigeons, and even your Mum. At first glance, this looks just like your standard brown mailing envelope, so you can carry it everywhere and no-one will even notice your conspicuous consumption. Except other people who have also bought an Undercover Tablet sleeve, and then you can exchange the secret wink or surreptitious handshake of someone who has avoided looking pretentious while being even more pretentious in reality.

The exciting and innovative Undercover Tablet Sleeve is also extremely customisable; you can draw or write on it, and attach cool stickers. The material it is made from is hard wearing, while also being textured to feel just like the envelope. A strong velcro tab keeps your tablet snug in the envelope.

You will have to be careful where you leave this though, it looks so much like an envelope someone will probably offer to post it! Perhaps a simple fix for this is to address the Undercover Tablet Sleeve to yourself, just in case it does get accidentally posted! Also keep an eye out when you’re travelling in certain neighbourhoods, it’s not uncommon to transport drugs this way, so you may still be the victim of a snatch and grab. Watch out. Sometimes disguises work too well!

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