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Elf Cute Earbuds Ultra-Soft Corded Earphone Fairy's Adorable Cosplay Headset Spirit Costume Accessory Toys EF00001

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Elf Earphones

Nothing says “I am no mere mortal” like a pair of pointy ears. Now you can set yourself instantly above all other humans around every time you listen to your favourite tunes.

Easy transformation into magical, pointy-eared being
In-line microphone and earbuds for magical hands-free audio action
Immortality not included

We’re not sure what biological purpose pointy ears serve, but one thing is crystal clear: they are worlds apart from regular round human ears. Take elves, for example. Read any story featuring these pointy-eared beings and it becomes obvious that their lives are magnificently more magical and spectacular than our own. Just thinking of a famous elf like Legolas conjures up images of impossibly long and shimmering golden hair, mad arrow-shooting skills, and other enviable traits such as immortality and the ability to always look cool and awesome and more beautiful than humanly possible. What a difference some ears can make!

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Now, immortality and a life of walking gracefully through magical forests is rather far from human reach. But a pair of awesome pointy ears isn’t! These miraculous specimens attach comfortably right onto regular, round human ears, extending them into that coveted pointy shape. They also feature ergonomic in-ear headphones that fit snugly right into those human hearing organs. What better vessel for channeling your favourite out-of-this-world music than these fantasy costume earbuds?

elf earphones 2Of course, the fabulous trait of pointy ears isn’t limited to the elven race. Many other weird and wonderful races can be found with this same delightful feature, including fairies, hobbits, Vulcans, leprechauns, nymphs, gnomes, pixies, orcs, goblins – to name but a few of the incredible beings blessed with the enviable biological trait. Now you can transform into your desired pointy-eared race every time you turn on some tunes.


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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 03:05

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