Easy Set-up Motion Detector Alarm

Easy Set-up Motion Detector alarm

BleepBleeps Sammy Screamer, Yellow

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Easy Set-up Motion Detector Alarm

If you are trying to get some good habits into your kids this Easy Set-Up Motion Detector Alarm is a great way to make sure your kids are doing what you have asked. You can’t be everywhere at once, right?

Control the alarm from an app on your smartphone.
Hang with the lanyard, or use the magnetic back to stick to objects.
The alarm bleeps when moved, and also send a message to your phone.

This simple, friendly looking alarm, can be set-up easily with your android or iOS device with a Bluetooth range of 30m. Simply place the alarm where you want with the magnet or lanyard, set the sensitivity from your phone and walk away, you’ll be notified if the alarm is moved.

This is a particularly good, light-hearted way to make sure your kids aren’t getting to the biscuit barrel or fridge before dinner. Simply attach the device to the lid of the barrel and if it is moved, the alarm will sound and your phone will be notified. This Easy Set-Up Motion Detector Alarm is also a good way to stop family members from finding surprises around the house, such as hidden presents!


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