Chupa Chups Scented Key Covers

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Chupa Chups Scented Key Covers

Set of 2 scented key covers; Silicone; Strawberry

Chupa Chups Scented Key Covers

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Chupa Chups Scented Key Covers introduce a totally new deviant behaviour to society: key-sniffing.

Try explaining to PC Plod why you keep leaning over the steering column! If you grew up on the magical taste of Chupa Chups, taking a whiff of these may well calm your nerves while the officer checks your driving record. Just be discreet about it!

Why carry regular old keys on a ring or fob when you can carry two sweet-smelling lollipops instead? These dandy candy key covers are made of silicone that’s been permanently infused with that world-famous, delicious, lip-smacking fragrance. You’ll get a set of two covers: one cola and one strawberry.

The bright and cheerful covers fit most standard keys and are a handy way to colour-code and identify your keys. Separate house and car keys, car door and ignition keys, or any other hard-to-distinguish pair (I’m looking at you, ASDA, with your 3 identical keys for a tenner offer). Or give a cover to each of the kids to make those house keys difficult to lose or get mixed up. Ladies who use Chupa Chups Scented Key Covers will find it much easier to locate keys at the bottom of a full handbag – sniff and you shall find! And if you’re carrying a manbag instead, well, key covers will match your outfit perfectly.

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