Cat Ear Speaker Headphones


cat ear speaker headphones

AXENT Wear – Cat Ear Headphones with Speaker

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Cat Ear Speaker Headphones

They light up with an intense neon glow. They can switch from channeling music privately to only one pair of ears to blasting out music from speakers for the whole crew to enjoy. They’re available in a range of fantastic neon colours. They have cat ears. And they are, hands-down, the coolest earphones we have ever seen.

Awesome glowing cat ear design
Switch easily from headphones to speakers
Available in a range of colours

Just one glance at this striking headset is enough to show that there is something very special going on here. Round orbs glow around the ears on each side, and on top a similarly glowing LEDs light up the cat ear speakers positioned on top. The effect is a seriously stunning and futuristic feast for the eyes and ears.

cat ear speaker headphones 4Aesthetic appeal aside, this headset also boasts a wide range of cool and practical technical features. First of all, the striking LED lights are situated both on the headphones and the cat ear speakers, and can be independently controlled from the speakers – switch them on or off as desired, whether listening to music or not. The lights come in a variety of colours, so whether you like your neon glow in shades of green, pink, purple or blue, there will be a headset with the colour that suits your style.

The headphones themselves are padded and offer a secure fit around the ears to block out background noise, ensuring a rich, private sound studio.

But the most unique feature of all is the little flick of a switch which channels that sound studio away from the private headphones to the funky cat-ear speakers on top of the headset, pumping out a party of beats so that others can also enjoy the music. Pretty nifty!

cat ear speaker headphones 3

The headset includes a gaming boom mic, which is removable, and also features inline volume control and forward/back buttons. So whether it’s time to just chill to some background beats or seriously get the game on, this seriously cool piece of kit has got it covered.


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Last update was on: 3 August 2020 12:00

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