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Bunny Ear Headphone Splitter

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SUCK UK Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter

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Bunny Ear Headphone Splitter

Is being plugged into your device anti-social? Not with this wee rabbit! Share your music with friends – and no undesired bystanders – in glorious full stereo, wherever you are.

Plug two pairs of headphones into one gadget
Surround sound for both listeners
Compatible with mic and controls on most devices

Earphones are just the ticket for these kind of occasion – but most gadgets only have one earphone port, which means that sharing media also means sharing your headphones. It’s true that earbud type headphones have two separate earphone pieces, so you can technically take one each if there are two of you. But then you only get the tunes in one ear, which is frustrating. Plus, a lot of music and videos relies on the double stereo system working together, directing certain frequencies and tracks towards one ear (or speaker) and others to the next.

Which means, if you split those earbuds, one person can get an earful of bass while the other person gets the melody or guitar and only a faint background beat. Definitely not a satisfactory way of enjoying your audio media! And of course, other kinds of headphones are full headset that can only really sit on one person’s noggin – so alas, no sharing possible.

But this wee rabbit solves these headphone conundrums by splitting your device’s headphone port into two ears, so you can plug two sets of earphones into the same gadget. Just pop him into your phone or other device, stick a pair of headphones into each ear, and enjoy glorious full stereo sound in all four ears listening in.

As well as his rather cute shape, this mini mammal is quite practical, being fully compatible with controls and microphones on your devices. So you can also talk on Skype, sing karaoke, and command Siri together if you want!


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Last update was on: 17 August 2022 01:39

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