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Bluetooth Keyless Padlock


noke bluetooth keyless padlock

Noke NOKE_PADLOCK_SLVR Bluetooth Padlock for Smartphone - Silver

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Bluetooth Keyless Padlock

Have you ever found yourself denied access to your own possessions due to forgetting the combination on your padlock, or from a set of misplaced keys? There is a likelihood that most people will encounter this infuriating conundrum at one point in their lives – it’s in our nature to forget and lose important things! However by using a keyless padlock, you can put your mind at ease and ensure that something like this never happens to you ever again.

Put the padlock on your bike, suitcase, briefcase, or wherever you fancy (the design of the padlock means that it can endure even the harshest of weather conditions), and relax at the thought of never having to worry about a key or combination ever again. When you come within a certain distance of your padlock, your smartphone will automatically open the lock, without you even taking your phone out of your pocket! You can even allow family members and friends to unlock the lock with their phones, and can also monitor who unlocks it and at what time.

Featuring a changeable battery that will last an entire year, batteries are another item you can add to the list of things you no longer need to worry about…


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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 03:02
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