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Bird Box Camera


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Green Feathers Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision, Wireless Receiver, 700TVL Video and Audio - Perfect for your Garden,...

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Bird Box Camera

There’s all kinds of reality TV shows on the telly these days, but how much of it is actually “real” and how much is staged? It’s time to get in on some real action right in your back garden, with a camera set to reveal the day-to-day life of the incredible nature right on your doorstep.

Wide angle lens to provide coverage of the whole box
Night vision allows filming even in the dark
Easy fitting and wireless setup

The natural world is full of wonder, and most of it goes unseen or unnoticed by us lumbering humans. Thankfully there are legends like David Attenborough who bring some of that mesmerising world right into our living rooms, but even so we are often unaware of the fascinating lives of those species who share our space and live their lives amongst ours.

Now us humans can experience that hidden world that exists right on our doorsteps. This high-resolution nest camera sits discreetly inside a bird box, giving a fascinating and intimate glimpse into the daily lives of any feathered occupants living there. From hatchling to young bird to fully fledged adult, follow the whole story in high-res glory. The wide angle lens is sure to capture the entire inside of the box, and features clear night vision because because baby birds, like little humans, can be active at night. There is also a microphone so you can also hear the audio recording, and it transmits the video and audio wirelessly right to a TV screen inside the house. Forget Twitter – here is a far more exciting and heart-warming live stream of tweets!

Safe and unobtrusive to the birds, this fantastic way of getting right into the heart of the natural world avoids disrupting or agitating any wildlife. The camera and receiver is easy to set up and connect to most home TVs, so now you can get David Attenborough’s experience without even leaving the armchair!


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Last update was on: 27 February 2019 14:44

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