Wine and Dine Party Plate

Wine & Dine Party Plate
Helping you and your guests mingle at your next party, the Wine and Dine Party Plate features a handy wine glass holder in one side so you can always keep one hand free to enjoy your food and drink.
Wine and Dine Party Plate

Wine and Dine Party Plate

Holding things with two hands is too much like hard work.

Parties are a juggle anyway, trying to hold your wine glass, a plate of food, and take a cute selfie on your iPhone. What’s needed is a way to carry two things in one hand….the Wine and Dine Party Plate might just be the answer you are looking for! Just slot your wine glass into the side of the plate, pile it high with food, and grip it firmly with your thumb in the convenient thumb rest. Now your other hand is free to Instagram and heavily filter the food you’re going to eat, see up the skirts of fellow diners, or snap a totally candid photo of how great your cleavage looks at your great-uncle’s wake.

Perfect for seafood buffets to weddings, this fantastic all purpose plate can be used over and over again. Buy your own and take it to every party, shuffling your way obesely between the throngs of party-goers, your Wine and Dine party plate gripped firmly in a chubby thumb as you pile it ever higher with mixed grill. Smile smugly at the other diners, limited in what they can eat by the flimsy paper plates provided by the host. This is what they call a #Protip! The Wine and Dine Party Plate means you can make the most of all buffet type situations.

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