Tea Subscription

Monthly tea subscription

Monthly Tea Subscription
Price shown is for 3 month subscription.
Tea Subscription

Monthly Tea Subscription

Get the highest quality loose leaf tea from around the world directly to your door, every month.

We get everything by subscription these days – mobile phones, Netflix, milk, car insurance, and even Tesco shopping. So why not get the most important drink of all delivered directly to your door?

That’s right, we are of course talking about tea – the drink that was the foundation of the Great British Empire, made many people rich beyond their wildest dreams, and to this day defines an entire nation.

In the olden days people went to extraordinary lengths to acquire tea. The famous East India Company even moved their entire operations from importing tea from China to growing it in India after the first Opium War made importing tea from China almost impossible. Battles have been fought over this drink – the Americans even chose it as a symbolic target in the famous Boston Tea Party in 1773! The truth is that the great, rich history of tea brings us to where the world is today are today. Along with self-driving cars, iPhones, and Tinder, another truly incredible invention of the modern day is that we can have our tea supplies topped up regularly without actually having to lift a finger.


How does a tea subscription work?

Simple. Place your order, and and you’ll soon receive your first delivery.  You’ll start off with two pouches of the finest Assam & Darjeeling. Also included in the pack are a tea ball infuser, tea notes and a tea blending booklet with recipes for preparing your own tea blends.

In the subsequent months you will receive many different types of tea, including black, green, white, oolong and fo course herbal teas. Each pouch of tea contains 10- 25g of loose leaf tea which is enough to make 10-20 cups of tea.

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