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Smoky, Sticky, Bacon Jam


eat 17 bacon jam

Eat 17 Bacon Jam 110g

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Bacon Jam

Bacon. Jam. Just think about those two marvelous ingredients for a moment. And now picture them coming gloriously together into a mind blowingly delicious combination just rearing to ooze out of your sandwich and satisfy your deepest hunger… Welcome to the world of Bacon Jam!

110 grams of pure bacon and jam goodness
Smoky and sticky relish
Also available in Chilli and Chorizo versions

You don’t even need to be a hardcore bacon enthusiast to know the simple truth that everything tastes better with bacon. It’s just one of those magic ingredients that makes everything it touches amazing. Kind of like the philosopher’s stone turning the contents of the world into gold. Except wait, who would want to eat gold? Yuck, what a disappointment to a starving soul. Bacon, on the other hand…. But wait – is bacon even good with jam? we hear you ask. Well yes, actually – bacon is especially scrumptious with jam.

If you’re at all skeptical (which is highly unlikely), just think about other savoury-sweet  combinations that are undisputed winners in this world. Turkey and cranberry sauce? Check. Pork and apples? Check. Cheese and grapes? Check. We could go on and on about sauces and chutneys and meats and… but anyway, who cares as long as it tastes amazing?The proof is in the pudding – or jam – so just grab yourself a jar and dollop a nice spoonful on some crusty farmhouse bread, and prepare to blow away your tastebuds with a new, revelationary culinary experience.

And for the real bacon connoisseurs: don’t forget to check out the Chorizo Jam and the Chilli Bacon Jam below, also available from the same range!


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Last update was on: 20 September 2019 23:07
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