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Giant Cola Bottle


giant gummi cola bottle

Giant Candy Gummy Cola Bottle 800g

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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 02:04
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Giant Cola Bottle

Just in case you don’t eat enough sugar and fat already, some nutjobs have decided to test our willpower, resolve, and ability to ‘just say no’ to junk food with this insane, huge, giant gummi cola bottle.

Modeled of course after the famous cola bottles found in pick-and-mixes across the globe, this giant Vanilla Coke flavour bottle is 120 times the size of the classic bottles, and 17 times larger than Haribo Giant Cola Bottles. It weighs in at 420 grams and is the biggest edible cola bottle money can buy!

The real mystery of the giant cola bottle is trying to decide what to do with it. Do you eat it in one go? Can you?! And if you can… will you ever want to eat cola bottles again… or any other pick-and-mix for that matter? The consequences could be huge; we advise anyone consuming this coke to do so responsibly!

Gluten Free. Not suitable for vegetarians.


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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 02:04
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