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Smoky, Sticky, Bacon Jam

  • Smoky, Sticky, Bacon Jam

    Bacon enthusiasts who haven’t discovered this incredible relish yet had better hold onto their seats real tight, ‘cause they’re about to get their minds blown. Yes, this genius jam is indeed the real deal, and it’s just waiting to get dolloped on your sandwich and revolutionise your life.

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    Cheese Making Kit

  • Cheese Making Kit

    If you love cheese, why not make your own? This kit helps you make 8 different types!

    Blue Beer

  • Blue Beer

    Does fancy craft beer no longer cut it for you? Be the centre of attention at the next party as you whip out a case of the bluest beer in the world.

    Giant Cola Bottle

  • Giant Cola Bottle

    Feast your eyes and your belly on this - the heavy weight champion of the pick n mix weighing in at 420 grams of delicious vanilla cola gummi goodness. This near enough life-sized cola bottle is entirely edible for those brave enough to take on the challenge.

    £10.57 £12.00 Check it Out!
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    Watermelon Keg Tap

  • Watermelon Keg Tap

    Hollow out a watermelon, insert tap, fill with your favourite fruity punch... and there you go! One watermelon keg, reporting for duty.

    Tea Subscription

  • Tea Subscription

    Get the highest quality loose leaf tea from around the world every month, directly to your door.

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    Coca-Cola Cookbook

  • Coca-Cola Cookbook

    You may claim to be a hardcore Coca-Cola fan... but have you ever used the sacred Nectar of the Gods as an ingredient in your home-made meals? Over 30 recipes to try out, and much, much more.

    £12.50 £16.08 CHECK IT OUT!
    Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

  • Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter

    Make food fun again! The Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter cuts your sandwiches, toast, cookies, shortbread, and more into adorable Brontosaurus shapes.

    Wine and Dine Party Plate

  • Wine and Dine Party Plate

    Multitask like a pro: hold your wine glass, a plate of food, and take a cute selfie on your iPhone - all now possible with the Wine and Dine Party Plate!

    1-Day Delivery
    Scorpion Vodka

  • Scorpion Vodka

    Everyone has a friend who likes a bit of competition. If you have the type of mate who happens to be obsessed with drinking more, harder, and faster than anyone else you know, we may just have the solution for you.

    Wine Handbag

  • Wine Handbag

    Designed in smart and fashionable colours and patterns to complement a variety of outfits, the Wine Handbag is a bag of wine, but housed in an elegant and classy purse. Clad in tasteful glossy cardboard, you can take this bag of wine anywhere, and still look posh!

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