Pepperoni Pizza Socks


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PIZZA SOCKS BOX - Pepperoni Pizza - 4 pairs of Funny and NOVELTY Socks, Ideal for GIFT! Original and Unique,...

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Pepperoni Pizza Socks

If you know someone who desperately needs socks (we all have that one friend with holey socks….) and loves pizza, congratulations! You have now found the perfect gift for them. And yourself. Pizza plus socks is an absolute winner of a combination.

Packed in a realistic cardboard pizza box
Each sock is carefully folded to look like a yummy pizza slice
A pepperoni treat for your deserving feet

Lovers of colourful socks and cheesy pizza rejoice! There has never been a better day for wholeheartedly embracing the fun socks fashion. Now the meat feast for your feet has arrived! These cheerful and mouth-watering socks are just the thing for the person who has a great sense of humour and a desperate need of socks.

Each sock looks like slice of pizza when folded up, and proudly displays an array of delicious toppings when unfurled and pulled onto a foot. This particular pizza box houses the classic pepperoni pizza in all its splendid beauty. Just look at all those pepperoni slices embedded into a layer of ultra cheesiness! Yummmmm.

The packaging, too, is great fun. It looks just like a real pizza box, the kind that could easily have come from your favourite pizza joint. Which really adds the pizza effect, and makes for a great laugh when your unsuspecting person opens the “fast food” gift you’ve just handed them. Funny and practical, these socks definitely bring a new meaning to cheesy feet…

They don’t scrimp on comfort, either. Made from a soft, stretchy cotton and elastane blend, they have OEKO-TEX certification, guaranteeing excellent quality material and comfort for your beloved feet. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes, so here is a cheerful pizza suitable for everyone. Yay!


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Last update was on: 27 March 2020 17:12

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