Glow in the Dark Drawable Shirt


Glow in the dark drawable shirt

Interactive Glow In The Dark T-shirt

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Glow in the Dark Drawable Shirt

Did you know you can draw spectacular neon designs on yourself with light? Slip on this interactive t-shirt, turn on your smartphone torch, and turn yourself into a eye-catching and glowing work of art.

Suitable for neon-lovers of all ages
Draw with the included UV keyring or the torch light from a mobile phone
Glow effect gradually fades to allow a new drawing

Nothing screams fun and party like a nice bit of flashy neon glow. What if you could glow in the dark yourself? Whether you’re headed to a festival or party, or just chilling with family or friends, make yourself stand out from the crowd with a glowing t-shirt you can draw on again and again.

This pure cotton shirt features a panel on the front printed with a secret, luminescent ink. It may look pretty normal at first glance, but this plain-looking panel is actually the source of incredible magic. Turn on the UV keyring provided with the shirt and shine it on the panel, and watch as your movements produce glowing lines and designs right there on your torso. Misplaced the little UV keyring? Want a bigger patch of light on the panel? No problem! Just turn on your mobile phone torch and use it as a drawing wand instead.

The glow effect lasts around 5 to 10 minutes and gradually fades back to a lovely blank canvas just waiting for another fabulous design. Grab the UV light or phone again to start drawing another work of art, or hand over the controls to someone else to work out their magic on your shirt. This interactive fun can last all through the day and night, and is great for children and adults alike.


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Last update was on: 25 January 2020 15:26

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