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Fish Flip Flops

Need flip flops? Love fish? Hate fish? Love laughter? Don’t settle for a mediocre pair of bland, ordinary flip flops like everyone else in the country. Instead, go against the flow and treat yourself to a REAL pair of practical and giggle-inducing wide-mouthed plastic fish shoes. As an added bonus, they don’t even smell of fish!

Fab fishy gift for anyone who loves (or hates) fish
Choose from multiple sizes
Available in nice green and orange fishy colours

If there has always been a plaice (haha) in your life for a pair of fish themed shoes, these floundering flippers have come to fill that fish-shaped hole in your soul. Or should that be sole? Guaranteed to get strong reactions from those around you, whether at home or out and about, these fish shaped shoes really are a good catch.

Need beach shoes? Shower shoes? Fish shoes? Slippers? Flip flops? Festival shoes? Why settle with the mundane if you could have the wonderful? Slip your feet into the superb fishy comfort of these beautifully molded plastic shoes, flop down the beach, and you’ll get some fabulous looks and laughs all along the way.

There’s no need to talk about the one that got away either – these open-mouthed beauties aren’t going anywhere without you! So everybody can see your splendid catch in all its fishy glory, no matter where you go. And if all your friends or family get them too, you can even form a whole shoal of fish flops, flopping down the street together.

They’re not just a gimmick, either. Not only do they cause much hilarity, but they are also very nicely molded to the human foot and are amazingly comfortable, made as they are from super light, non-slip, shockproof EVA material. So you can actually wear them as proper footwear and not just relegate them to the depths of the understairs cupboard after the first try. Functional and funny, just slip ‘em on once and you’ll be caught hook, line and sinker…


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Last update was on: 25 February 2020 12:45

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