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Converse Slippers


High Top Converse Slippers

Converse Slippers

This timeless classic, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, has now been immortalised as a cosy slipper.

As time trundles on and society progresses, things that used to be unnacepted and considered taboo in this world are gradually becoming the norm. Yes, wearing pyjamas and other indoor, ‘lazy’ clothes are now actually cool to wear! (apart from in Tesco, who will occasionally throw you out for daring to wear your comfy pyjamas while spending money in their establishements).

Anyhoo, all rants aside, what we’re trying to get at is this: The classic Converse Chuck Taylor shoe is now available in cozy slipper format. If you own a pair of these, you now have an excellent excuse to shlomp about the house in your lazy clothes, while pretending to be fully dressed and ready to take on the world.

These slip-on soles are made from fabric material, so we don’t recommend wearing these outdoors in wet conditions. As you would expect from this classic design, laces are included, but the slippers themselves slip on and off your foot with ease.

Converse slippers are available in red, blue, and black.

If slippers aren’t your thing, how about Converse Socks?


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