Converse Heels


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Converse Heels

Want a bit of stiletto fun with your trusted canvas shoes? These Converse inspired beauties incorporate a gorgeous wedge heel into the classic canvas shoe design.

Available in 5 fab colours
Easy zip closure
Iconic hi-top style

High heels, as we know, aren’t the comfiest shoes out there but they do give that fab strut to our walk. And for those of us who like a few extra inches to our height, they give us that too. For daily use though, they’re not usually the most practical shoe out there, which is why many of us resort to more casual footwear such as the iconic and much loved canvas All Stars. What if you could have both, though? The fabulousness of heels as well as the comfort and casual coolness of canvas shoes?

That, folks, is what this shoe is all about. Incorporating a generous 10 cm heel into the classic rubber sole, these fantastic items of footwear feature all the other beloved features of the Converse shoe, including the high-top style, toe bumpers, classic colour choices, and red and blue stripes along the rubber sides. When you want comfort, style, and shoes to really make a statement as you walk down the street, here you go!

Available in five colours, including the iconic black and white versions, these shoes are of course made with canvas outers and come with a full set of white laces. The cool thing about this version though is that it also features a handy little addition: small zips at the side of the ankle, to allow the shoe to be easily put on and taken off without having to faff about with laces. That, in our opinion, really makes these shoes worthy of star status!

And if you can’t get enough All Stars in your life and would like to wear them inside as well as outside, well there are always the Converse Socks and Converse Slippers

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