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Daiendi Star Wars Chewbacca Costume Hoodie Brown european adult size XL

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Chewbacca Hoodie

Star Wars fans, listen up!

The Furry (yes, furry!) Chewbacca Hoodie is now here, allowing you to dress as everyone’s favorite Wookie. The hooded top can be worn casually, if you simply want to look like the coolest person on Kashyyyk; or as a cosplay accessory, with Chewbacca’s iconic belt featured across the front and back.

Yet this hoodie is not just a fashion accessory, (although it does look exceptional) as the appropriately furry covering will equip you for even the coldest nights in the forests of Kashyyyk, allowing you to truly feel like one of the Wookies.

Granted that not all of us will have Peter Mayhew’s majestic height, this Cosplay hoodie does provide for the rest of us an opportunity to feel like the Millennium Falcon’s second best pilot, all you need to do is attempt to replicate the voice!

This clothing accessory is great for casualwear to impress all your Star Wars-loving (obviously) friends, and also everyone else at Cosplay conventions. Whilst the Chewbacca hoodie can transform you from a mere Humanoid to a Wookie in a matter of seconds, in order to truly fulfill the role, just remember: Han shot first.

Chewbacca hoodie UK edition is available in sizes S – L, for both men and women.

Also available: Jedi Dressing Gown.


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Last update was on: 3 April 2020 12:07
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