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COMMANDO - Camouflage Original Opposuit - UK40 / EU50 / US40

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Camouflage Suit

Go commando with the OppoSuits’ camouflage suit! You can never be too prepared for life – and this suit is exactly what you need to be ready for any occasion. Need to look smart? Check. Need to be ready for action? Check.

Need to be able to hide at the drop of a hat? Check. Obviously, the most useful feature of a camouflage suit is the ability to become invisible no matter what your surroundings. Family wedding? Blend in to your surroundings and slink away unseen. Boring work event? Wearing this you can walk straight out the front door and your boss won’t even notice you are gone!

This fantastic suit is a full set – jacket, trousers, and tie. This is not a toy, or a single use costume. This is a slim-fit suit made from high-quality durable fabric for use over and over again!

Available in sizes 38-48. Free UK delivery.

Not the kind of suit you need? Check out the inflatable sumo suit.


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Last update was on: 22 March 2020 22:56
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