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Wine Glass Grip Holder


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Bella D'vine Outdoor Wine Glass Holder for Stemless & Stemware, Portable for Picnics, Boating, Rv's & Bath or Hot Tubs,...

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Wine Glass Grip Holder

Want to enjoy wine while on-the-go but just can’t bear the thought of drinking it out of anything other than a proper wineglass? Here’s your answer! You can thank us next time you are relaxing in style on the beach with a nice full glass of your favourite variety.

Carefree and hands free wine solution
Enjoy a glass of your favourite drink anywhere you go
Hold that glass secure – no more spillages and stains

It doesn’t take a wine connoisseur to understand that wine is a drink that can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere. Want to relax in style while out of the house? Enjoy a glass while taking a road trip break? Or just soak in the warm rays of sun in your own back yard with some fruit of the vine to complete the moment? There is every reason to enjoy that happy hour when out and about.

But it can be a bit difficult getting a proper wine glass to fit into that picture. After all, when lazing on the beach or reclining in a camping chair, where on earth is that wine glass supposed to perch? Nobody wants to spend a couple of hours clutching a dainty glass the whole time, constantly in fear of spilling dark red drink all over the place – that’s not really anybody’s idea of a relaxing day out!

A wineglass is not really the kind of item you want to seat on a rock or leave on gravelly beach either, or anywhere where the likelihood of being stomped or sat on it high. Some deal with this conundrum by pouring their precious drink into lowly plastic cups, but for others the mere idea of tipping some classy Cabernet or Merlot into a cheap and cheerful bit of plastic is simply unbearable.

There should be no need to compromise on either the drink or the glass, which is why some lovely people have come up with the perfect solution to this dilemma: a classy wineglass holder which can be attached to basically any kind of chair or railing. Attach this small but powerful little holder to a railing or chair, and it will firmly hold a wine glass, leaving hands free, minds at ease, and tastebuds in delight.

The adjustable strap fits around most rails and chairs and keeps glasses secure, preventing spillages and accidents. So slip one into your bag or packet next time you’re on the move, and enjoy a bottle or glass in style and with complete peace of mind.


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Last update was on: 14 December 2019 14:24

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