vibram barefoot shoes

Barefoot Shoes

Do you love running but hate shoes?

Heavy, hot, uncomfortable lumps of plastic that interfere with your foot’s natural shape and flexion…yuck, who needs shoes? Running barefoot is a lot more fun!

Enjoying the textures of the Earth’s surface, feeling the softness of grass underfoot, the rough massage of pebbles and cobblestones, the sharp pain of running on broken bottles….hmm. Perhaps running barefoot has some drawbacks. Hot weather makes running on tarmac and cement like running on the surface of the sun! But shoes are just too big, and too much.

What if there was a sock, but like, a better sock, with a protective base? Well, some amazing person came up with just that thing!!  Vibram barefoot running shoes are basiclly a sock, with a reinforced, shock absorbing base that is flexible enough to give you the feeling of running barefoot, as nature intended, without all those nasty side effects of actual barefoot running. Say goodbye to severe cuts and bruises, and third degree burns in summer, and say hello to barefoot shoes! It probably won’t keep your feet dry though, or protect you from frostbite. So maybe wear shoes in winter, ok? Or…I dunno. Move to Australia or something.


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