Travel Bag Washing Machine


travel bag washing machine

Scrubba 'Wash Bag'

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Travel Bag Washing Machine

Wash your laundry spotlessly clean on the go with the ingenious Scrubba travel bag washing machine. Great for camping and travelling, or for those hand-wash items that can’t go in a machine.

Ultra-portable – wash clothes anywhere on the go
Just add water and a drop of detergent to use
Nodules inside scrub clothes clean

Travelling can be great fun until you have no clean clothes left. And then where do you do your laundry – in questionable hostel washing facilities? Or in the grotty bathroom sink with the plug that can’t hold water? Thanks but no thanks. What if you are camping in the wild, or only have a few items to wash and don’t want to pay for a whole loadful at your hotel?


This ingenious bag washing machine provides an easy and portable solution for your washing needs. Incredibly lightweight, it cleans clothes twice as effectively as a normal hand wash. Just add water with a blob of detergent, seal the bag, and rub for 3 minutes. The clever inner washboard inside will clean your clothes as the bag is rubbed from the outside. Give them a rinse, hang them up to dry and you’re done.

travel bag washing machine 3

Weighing under 145g, the amazing pocket-sized bag not only washes clothes, but can also be used as a dry bag to store things in when not in use. Less is more – especially when traveling.


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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 05:26

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