portable air sofa

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The perfect portable sofa for all outdoor activities such as festivals, camping, barbecuing and travelling.
Portable Air Sofa

Portable Air Sofa

portable air sofa carrier bag  Lightweight at 1.4Kg
  Made from Waterproof nylon fabric
  Takes weight up to 200Kg – that’s 2 adults and a child lying on it at once!

Easy to carry, easy to inflate, and extremely comfortable. This nifty little sofa can even be carried by its own strap. The portable air sofa is an ingenious device which serves a single purpose; to maximise your comfort, wherever you may be.

Let’s say you are on holiday, by the pool. Typically there are no sunbeds available and every Tom, Dick and Harry is out soaking up YOUR rays, and sitting on YOUR sun loungers (how dare they!… although we do have another solution to that).

No problem, simply whip out your portable air sofa, add air, and sit wherever you like – literally! You can even sit in the pool with it if you like, as it floats on water. Never again have to put your lips to the grotty, bacteria-ridden blowhole of a hotel owned inflatable sun lounger. Instead relax in peace on your very own, and let your own air sofa do its job while you take in the sun’s rays and relax.

portable air sofa back viewThe portable air sofa not only takes all of the effort and stress out of finding a comfortable place to sit, but it goes the extra mile and also ensures that setting it up isn’t too difficult either.

Instead of blowing into it until you’re red in the face, simply drag it through the air, and then close the opening to capture air from the space around you…genius!



Is it really that easy? Why don’t you watch the video below and see for yourself…

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