Oil Drum BBQ Grill


oil drum bbq grill 1

Oil Drum BBQ Grill

Barbecues are serious business. And for serious business, you need serious equipment. One look at this gleaming, sturdy drum and it’s obvious that this is just the thing for that perfect BBQ party.

 Features a grill, side table and firepit
Solid, beautiful steel construction
All assembled and ready for grilling action

Anyone serious about a barbecue knows that there are thousands of flimsy little BBQ grill wannabes out there that can hardly cope with a mushroom, let alone proper sized slabs of meat or thick chunky burgers. Leave those pokey things to others – it’s time to get your hands on some real barbecue equipment! Grab this oil drum, march down the street, and it will be clear to all that something seriously cool is about to happen.

oil drum bbq grill 2

Made from steel, this impressive oil drum barbecue grill is all assembled and ready to fire, and even features a side table and firepit. After all, grilling isn’t just about the food eaten at the end, but also about watching the mesmerising fire, about the skill involved getting good coals to that perfect grilling temperature, and about relaxing and just plain hanging out with awesome people. This grill and firepit combo allows for hours of grilling as well as relaxing by a blazing fire – all with drinks and food securely resting on the handy side table. No gust of wind or little bump is going to knock this hefty kit over.

What’s really cool about this set though is that everything can be put together into the one drum, carried or rolled to the perfect location, and layed out wherever needed. No fiddling about with bits and bobs and windbreakers – just pop the barrel down and get grilling!


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