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Luminoodle Portable LED Light


luminoodle tent light

Luminoodle - Flexible Waterproof USB LED Strip/Lantern for Camping or Safety Light (5 Foot + Lithium 4400 Battery Pack)

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Luminoodle Portable LED Light

Lights are lovely. Noodles are fabulous. Noodle-lights are…. Perfection. This glorified version of the humbler rope light can be cheerfully strung on anything (including yourself), or bunched up and used as a lantern.

Emits a bright 180 lumens of light
Powered by a rechargeable USB battery pack
Suspend from anywhere with ties, magnets and loop provided

Why own (and pay for) separate torches, headlights, lanterns, bike lights, decorative lights, and whatever other light-emitting things you can think of, when one clever item can fulfil all your needs in a way those other mono-talented illuminative devices never could?

The Luminoodle portable LED light is quite simply the most fabulous light out there. Featuring a beautifully sleek string of LEDs, a set of ties and magnets, and powered by a rechargeable battery pack, the noodle is extremely versatile and can adapt to practically any situation.

luminoodle stretched

Hang it from the ceiling – or a tree, or rock, or the bonnet of a car, or your friend’s ears – to shed light while keeping your hands free. Or bunch it up and pop it into the carry bag and behold! a bright lantern that can light up a surprising big radius around itself. Use it for camping, in the garden, decorating your den, on your bike (or yourself) to keep you visible and safe at night, on a rickshaw while traveling the world in style….

Waterproof and safe, its versatile nature is perfect for shedding light on whatever situation you may find yourself in.  Measures approximately 1.5 metres and comes with a  handy carry bag.

luminoodle portable led light

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Last update was on: 4 April 2020 08:37
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