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Human Shaped Sleeping Bag

Times are getting tough, and electricity costs are soaring. Cities are emptying, houses are decaying, dormant and uninhabited, while their past owners construct shanties out of paper bags and old soup tins. This is the world, post global financial crisis, and mankind is struggling. You can either lie down and succumb to the inevitable decay, or you can think ahead, refuse to become yet another victim of corporate greed and government lies, and take control of your future, and the future of your future children.

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Survival-ism used to be the domain of red-necks and conspiracy theorists, but more and more everyday people are studying survivalist techniques and learning how to fend for themselves in the wilderness, as a way to wrest the power back from Big Brother, and regain their independence and sovereignty once more. Learning how to live off the land, harvest your own consumables from the native flora and fauna, and gather water from safe sources; these are all important skills that mankind has turned its back on in the past, and once more must recover if it is to survive the coming tribulation.

Staying warm and comfortable while you search for roots, nuts and berries to eat is an essential survival trait, and one in which you can give yourself a head start while you still have a job and own a house. Stockpiling some useful items in advance will give you greater flexibility, and the edge over the other would-be survivalists who perhaps weren’t so forward thinking. Purchasing one or two Musuc Human Shaped Sleeping Bags is a definite move to ensure your survival in the looming collapse of civilisation. The Human Shaped Sleeping Bag will keep you warm and mobile in temperatures to -13 degrees, and handy zippered flaps mean you can either protect your hands from frostbite, or free them for some hand to hand combat with other survivalists, wild bears, or even a rabid dog. This sleeping bag is available in bright blue or black, and I’d recommend the black for strategic reasons; black is easily disguised in both urban and woodland environments, whereas blue is pretty much asking to be eaten by something.

Gather together a few essential supplies; an axe with a sharpener, some practical and quality knives, a stockpile of tinned food and first aid supplies, a tent, and of course the Human Shaped Sleeping Bag. Creating a little ‘plan ahead’ kit like this means that, when society begins to implode, and people are running panic-stricken through the streets as they search in vain for some trace of their old lives, you and other practically minded folk, will be quietly disappearing into the wilderness, relying on your own strength and survival abilities to stay alive and prosper, just like the men of yesteryear. Except you have antibiotics and the Musuc Human Shaped Sleeping Bag.


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Last update was on: 12 October 2019 16:22
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