Batman Rain Poncho


Batman Rain Poncho

DC Comics Paladone Batman Poncho (One Size, Multi-Colour)

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Batman Rain Poncho

Some measly rain wouldn’t stop Batman from carrying out his noble fights against evil. Don’t let it spoil your day either – it’s an opportunity to transform into a hero of the moment!

Waterproof poncho worthy of superhero status
Transform into a hero of justice
Batmobile not included

You’re at a festival and it’s just starting pouring, and you have no umbrella. Someone offers you a rain poncho, but you don’t really want to feel like a walking, talking bin bag. We understand. But what about feeling like a walking, talking Batman? Now that’s way more epic.

Kitted out with a hood and made from waterproof plastic, this is one seriously cool rain poncho. The perfect outfit for an ominous and stormy night. Pull it on and transform yourself from lowly citizen into a hero of justice, and transform that dreary wet day into an exciting adventure full of suspense and danger. Bask in the dignity of that iconic black and yellow emblem emblazoned across the chest, and feel those long poncho edges flapping in the wind just like a real super hero’s cape. Wait for the Bat-Signal and summon the Batmobile.

Are ominous and stormy nights a bit in short supply in your area? Are Bat-Signals sadly lacking from your skies? Fear not, Batman also feels completely at home walking along the streets in a bit of day-time drizzle or joining in some rainy but glorious festival atmosphere. In fact, we’re certain he’d be welcomed warmly to parties too.

And as this cape-poncho is so lightweight and folds up real small, it can be nicely tucked away until it’s needed. When the rain sets in, simply pull the poncho over your head and it will cover most of the body, keeping you dry whilst also radiating sleek superhero prestige. Re-useable, officially-licensed, this one-size-fits-all design is great for all who are superheros at heart.


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Last update was on: 21 November 18 04:57

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