19 Unusual Christmas Crackers for 2017

The humble Christmas Cracker has can trace its origins back to a London confectioner named Tom Smith. Bonbon sweet seller Smith started adding small, quirky items inside the wrappings of his sweets. Over time he added trinkets, mini fans, jewellery, and love messages. When Smith was inspired to add the ‘crackle’ element of his fireplace into his gifts, the Christmas cracker as we know it today was born.

These crackers have kept on developing through time, and today we have a truly fantastic range of weird and wonderful crackers with unusual contents available for the festive season. We set out to find the most unusual ones around – here are our findings.

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1. 6-Person Star Sharing Cracker

star sharing cracker

A truly unusual Christmas cracker that doubles as a table centerpiece, making it great for parties with multiple tables. 6 points on the star mean up to 6 people can pull it at once. As well as the traditional hats and jokes, the star contains photo props – moustaches and funny glasses, great for taking funny pictures.

Sharing Star Shaped Christmas Cracker - Designed for 6 People to Pull Together

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2. Christmas Cracker for Mums-to-Be

mum to be christmas cracker

The perfect suprise for a Christmastime mum-to-be. Available in red or white, these crackers are sold individually – not much point in a 12-pack is there?  The cracker contains three little gifts from Babybloom’s award-winning, all-natural skincare collection: moisturising lip repair balm, rejuvenating facial moisturiser, and pregnancy oil.

Mum To Be Christmas Cracker

Treat a mum-to-be at Christmas time with this fun Christmas cracker containing a moisturising lip repair balm, rejuvenating facial moisturiser and nourishing pregnancy oil. ...


3. Disney Christmas Crackers

disney christmas crackers

12 Novelty Disney Christmas Crackers Including Guessing Game

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4. Gin Christmas Crackers

gin christmas crackers

Booze-filled crackers go down as our favourite Christmas crackers with unusual contents. Get the drinks going this Christmas with cute 30ml drams of award-winning Gin. Also included in each cracker is a party hat, a crap joke, and of course, gin tasting notes.  Don’t forget the tonic!

Drinks by the Dram Gin Crackers (6 x 3cl)

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5. Bath Salts & Lip Balm Christmas Cracker

bath salts lip balm christmas cracker

Contrary to what the name suggests, this is not actually a prosecco cracker. What it is however is a luxury gift of bath salts and lip balm. This cracker doesn’t ‘crack’ – just untie the ribbons at the ends to get your reward.

Rosé Prosecco Christmas Cracker

A stunning, luxury gold foiled christmas cracker hand finished with ribbon. A perfect gift idea to accessorise your festive dinner table or a stocking filler for someone special! ...


6. Tea Christmas Cracker

tea christmas crackers

Box of six crackers from UK tea mixologists Bluebird Tea Co. As well as the traditional hat and tea-related joke, each cracker holds a different silk teabag from Bluebird’s fantastic range of teas.

Each box contains the following teas in crackers: Mince Pie (spiced black tea), Spiced Clementine (spiced fruit tea), Mrs Claus’ Raspberry Prosecco (darjeeling black tea), Jack Frost (minty herbal tea), Mulled Wine (spiced fruit tea), Earl Grey Creme (award-winning black tea).

Box Of Six Luxury Tea Christmas Crackers

Box set of six luxury, handcrafted tea filled Christmas crackers each containing an award-winning silk tea bag plus traditional hat, snap joke. The perfect addition to any ...


7. Swarovski Crystal Christmas Crackers

SWAROVSKI crystal christmas cracker

These crackers are definitely the easiest way to own something Swarovski. Each box contains three crackers with gifts for men, and three with gifts for women. And yes of course, each gift features crystals from Swarovski. The crackers are packaged with silver bow tie ribbons. However, red and gold ribbons are also supplied should you need to mix things up a bit.


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8. Christmas Crackers for Dogs

dog christmas cracker

Of course we can’t forget our pets at the best time of the year. This cracker is specifically for dogs only, although you might have to read him the joke! Inside you’ll find delicious (and healthy) turkey and cranberry based doggie treats.

Lily's Kitchen Christmas Cracker Treats for Dogs

The Lily's Kitchen Christmas Cracker Treats for Dogs come in a charming, cracker-shaped box which has a hand-drawn design. The festive Christmas cracker is filled with delicious, ...
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9. Egg & Spoon Game Crackers

egg spoon game christmas crackers

This 12-pack of crackers gets everyone going. Each cracker contains and egg and spoon, as well as instructions/rules to make sure you make the most of them. Get active, and start working off all the extra food you just ate for no reason, other than it was there and looked good.

12 Egg & Spoon Game Christmas Crackers

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10. Musical Christmas Crackers

musical christmas crackers

These crackers are carefully and cleverly designed to help you create a wonderful orchestra in your own home. Everyone gets a whistle pitched to a different note, and a numbered badge. Nominate someone as the conductor, who follows simple music, pointing at you when its your turn to make some noise. In the right hands these crackers will create beautiful music. In the wrong hands… well, you might not last too long. 

Robin Reed set of 8 x 10" Musical Concerto Christmas Crackers

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11. Play Dough Modelling Game Christmas Crackers

play dough christmas crackers

If you like making stuff and are extremely competitive, these crackers are for you. Play-Dough, game rules, and a list of things to make are provided to ensure hours of fun. Let the creativity run loose!

6 x 12" Play Dough Modelling Game Christmas Crackers

Last update was on: 20 May 2022 06:39
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12. Modelling Balloons Christmas Crackers

balloon game crackers

You know those balloons that people at fairs and festivals bend into poodles and other funny things? Here’s your chance to make your own, in the perfect dose – small. With 6 balloons provided per cracker, you’ll be able to model an animal or two before you lose interest completely. Instructions included.

6 Balloon Game Christmas Crackers

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13. Make Your Own Christmas Crackers Kit

make your own christmas crackers

This great DIY kit contains everything you need to make 10 great Christmas crackers. That’s right – the snap, hats, and hilariously bad jokes are all here. Of course, if you need something fancier or more personal, you can easily add in pretty much anything else. Use these to make something really special!

10 X Make your own Large (14” / 35cm) cracker kit - Gold

Last update was on: 20 May 2022 06:39
in stock


14. Metal Construction Christmas Crackers

Metal Construction Christmas Crackers

This box of six Mecc… eh, non-branded ‘metal construction toys’ crackers will keep you occupied and remind you how to use basic tools again.

6 Build and Play Christmas Crackers (Metal Construction Series)

Last update was on: 20 May 2022 06:39
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15. Giant Christmas Cracker

giant christmas cracker

Standing at 55cm tall, this giant official Shopkins cracker is sure to make an impression! Contains 4 trivia questions, 2 activity sheets, 5 Crayons for colouring, 2 colouring sheets, 4 Cupcake Chic Tiaras, and an A5 sticker sheet.

Shopkins Giant Christmas Cracker

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16. Christmas Cracker Tins

Tailored Chocolates and Gifts gold christmas cracker tin

A fantastic twist on the traditional cracker. There’s no ‘snap’, but what you do get is a very quirky cracker experience. These cans are sealed shut; they are opened by using the ringpull on the topside. Personalise these ‘crackers’ with custom messages on the back, and names printed on the front. Customising these online couldn’t be simpler – just fill out the form as requested when ordering.

Gold Christmas Cracker Tin

Personalise your christmas table with these stylish christmass crackers by Tailored Chocolates


17. Reusable Christmas Crackers

reusable woodland christmas cracker

Reuse these crackers again and again, year after year. Made from durable natural linen and embroidered with satin thread, these crackers will last for many Christmases to come. These crackers are assembled yourself –  the linen is wrapped around a sturdy plastic tube, giving them the discinctive cracker shape. A green satin ribbon is then used on both ends to hold it all together. Don’t forget to check out Christmas cracker fillers for ideas on what to pack inside.

Woodland Reusable Christmas Crackers

Woodland inspired reusable Christmas crackers. Capturing the essence of the festive season, these reusable crackers will last year after year. With a durable plastic inner tube, ...



18. Christmas Jumper Crackers

christmas jumper crackers

These cute crackers are shaped like knitted christmas jumpers! The torso of the jumpers hold the valuable cargo – as well as the usual joke, hat, and toy, you also get selfie props. Personalised wooden name tag engravings are available; simply select this option at checkout.

Christmas Jumper Merry Xmas Crackers

Have the crack at your table or party this festive season with these Christmas Jumper shaped Crackers with selfie props, crowns, jokes and gifts included! Whether you're around ...



19. Balloon Christmas Crackers

balloon christmas crackers

Yet another fantastic and unique take on the cracker. Fill up the balloons with the supplied toys, blow up the balloons, and you’re set. These will definitely make a noise – there’s only one way to get the toys out!

Pack Of Six Christmas Balloon Crackers

This stunning pack has everything you need to create a fun and unique alternative to regular Christmas crackers! A great fun way to add some colour to the Christmas table. ...


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