44 Secret Santa Gifts Under £5 for Christmas 2017


secret santa gifts under £5
We all feel the pinch at Christmas time. Presents, work nights out, and other inevitable unexpected expenses mean there’s always too much month at the end of your money at this time of year. So we set out to find the best deals for your quirky secret santa gifts that you haven’t bought yet. Below you will find 44 great things that all cost under £5.

Please note: Prices on external websites, especially Amazon, can vary regularly. All items on this page were priced under £5 at time of publishing.

Happy shopping!

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Miscellaneous Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

1. Dried Salt & Vinegar Crickets

dried cricket crisps

Yes, these are real, and edible. This box of crunchy salt and vinegar infused dried crickets are ready to eat, either as a snack or punishment.  It could be worse – at least its not worms.

I'm A Celebrity - Salt And Vinegar Crickets

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26

2. Pizza Pouch

lanyard pizza pouch

This handy pouch and lanyard set enables the wearer to safely and efficiently carry pizza anywhere. Measuring 7″ x 9.5″ inches, you can fit just about any size of pizza in here. A handy seal at the top of the pouch keeps your pizza from falling out.

CKB Ltd® Novelty PIZZA HOLDER Pouch And Lanyard - Unusual Gift - Holds Large Slices- The Ultimate Pizza Lover Gadget

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26
£4.99 £5.99



3. Paracord Survival Bracelet

paracord survival bracelet

For anyone who likes to be prepared. Clip this unobtrusive bracelet on your wrist and you’ve got a basic 5-tool survival kit with you wherever you go. Tools include strong paracord, compass, cutting tool, and firestarter, and whistle.

uhoMEy 5 In 1 Survival Bracelet Multifunctional Outdoor Paracord Survival Gear Parachute Cord Flint Fire Starter Scraper Compass Whistle

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26


4. Magic Sand Playset

magic sand playsetMagic sand, also known as kinetic sand, is amazing. Always ‘wet’, it is easy to mould into pretty much anything. You can even cut it with a knife! Kit includes several sea creature moulds.

Motion Sand® Sea Life Playset

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



5. Dust Mop Slippers

dust mop slippersBill Gates once said that you need a lazy person to do a tough job – because the lazy person will find the easy way to do it. We love the concept of multitasking, which is why we absolutely adore these slippers. Yes, you really can clean the house while doing other stuff.

Cute Dust Mop Slippers Shoes Floor Cleaner Clean Easy Bathroom Office Kitchen

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



6. Gadget Organiser

gadget organiserIdeal for the person who owns lots of little electronic gadgets. This handy organiser keeps them all organised, safe, and all in one place. The numerous different compartments and storage areas ensure you can fit just about anything in this.

Electronics Pouch Cable Tidy Organiser Accessories Hard Drive Storage Bag for Power Bank, Hard Drive, Smart Phone, Charger, U Disk...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26
£3.99 £8.90



7. T-Shirt Folder

t-shirt folder machineThis incredibly simple machine can save it’s owner huge amounts of time and frustration. Just lay down your t-shirt on it, fold three sides and that’s it – job done.


Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



8. Retro Apple Stickers

retro classic apple stickers

This classic ‘Bitten Apple’ logo was first used in 1977, all the way through to 1999. Since then the rainbow colours have gone in favour of a more flat, single colour design. But for anyone who still remembers the good old days, this logo is a timeless classic.

Supertogether Retro Apple Logo Multicolour Rainbow Style Vinyl Decal Brand Sticker for iPhone (excluding Plus models) - Matte Finish (4...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26




9. Anti-Snoring Spray

Stop snoring spray

This spray eliminates the need for funny clips on one’s nose, or sleeping on your side for the rest of your life.

Stop Snoring Spray 9ml

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



10. Ice Ball Mould

ice ball mould

Ice cubes are out, ice balls are in. Ridiculously easy to use, with great results.

Ice Ball Mold Sphere Silicone Ice Rounds Maker 4x4.5cm,Perfect for Japanese Whiskey, Cocktail and Any Drink

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



11. Emergency Glass Money Saving Box

in case of emergency money saver boxUse this safe to stash your loose change. When disaster strikes, smash the glass in true emergency fashion and dig out your emergency stash.

Start Saving Up - In case of Emergency Money Savings Box - Low Cost Great value Ideal Novelty Present Gift...

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



12. Mobile & Tablet Stand

phone tablet stand holder

A simple but very useful bit of kit. Anyone who watches stuff on their phone or tablet needs one of these. Just drop your device in it to be held at the perfeect viewing angle.

Ecandy Color Aluminium Metal Mobile Phone Tablet PC Stand Holder (Black)

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26
£5.48 £9.99



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Office Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

13. Toxic Toilet Gasses Caution Cone

caution toilet toxic gasses coneDo you have a coworker who takes toxic dumps? Then do the whole office a favour and give them this warning cone (and insists that they use it!).

Toilet Caution Cone

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26




14. Swear Tin

swear box tin

Every workplace needs a swear tin.

Boxer Gifts Instant Fines Pay Up Tin, Swearing

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



15. Drumstick Pens

drumstick pencils

For the aspiring musician. You might want to make sure that you don’t ever have to be anywhere the recipient of these works – it might end up driving you mad.

SUCK UK Drumstick Pen - Blue (Pack of 2)

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



16. Personalised Office Party Hangover Kit

office party hangover survival kitAlthough this hangover kit is designed specifically with office party aftermath in mind, it will do the job for any hangover. Personalise it with the recipient’s name to show them that you really do care.

Personalised HANGOVER SURVIVAL KIT in HOT PINK BAG Novelty Keepsake Gift, Bride To Be Party, Night Drunk, Stag, Wedding, Hen...

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



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Electronic Gadget Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

17. Keychain Spy Camera

tiny discreet keychain cameraThis gadget spy camera is cleverly disguised as a car key. Just press the button on top to start filming, at 720 x 480 resolution, complete with sound. Uses its own rechargeable battery for power. Takes Micro SD cards up to 16GB (not supplied).

DTY Trading Spy Cam Camera Key Keychain Keyring Mini DVR With Custom Written ENGLISH Instructions

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



18. Bluetooth Remote Control

bluetooth remote control button

Take pictures from your phone remotely with this handy remote control. Easy to set up. Then turn on your camera, and start clicking.

Ex-Pro® Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release for IOS Android Smart Phones, Tablets, iPhone, iPad Air Mini & More...

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



19. Memory Card Wallet

memory card walletFor the person who has too many memory cards, why not help them organise their life?

22 slots Memory Card SD card Storage Carrying Pouch Holder Wallet Case Bag

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



20. Clip-on 3-in-1 Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Lens

fisheye macro wide angle mobile phone lens

For the amateur phone photographer. Clip on this simple lens to instantly gain the ability to take fisheye, macro, and wide angle pictures.

Act Universal 3 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit 180 Degree Fish Eye Lens + 2 in 1 Micro...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



21. Camera Tripod Stabilizer & Selfie Stick

Camera Tripod Stabilizer Selfie Stick

This selfie stick is more about stabilization than taking a picture of yourself. It can be used as a portable tripod, or a handheld stabilizer for filming.

iGadgitz 2 in 1 Pistol Grip Stabilizer and Mini Lightweight Table Top Stand Tripod for Digital Camera, DSLR, Video Camera...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26


22. Google Cardboard VR Headset

Google Cardboard VR Headset

This might be a budget VR headset, but it does everyone you need it to do to get into the world of virtual reality. Download a few apps onto your phone, stick it in the headset and you’re ready to go.

Google Cardboard, Splaks 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses V2 with Sucker Head Strap Forehead Pad Nose Pad and Big Lens...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26


23. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

bluetooth shower speaker

Get this for anyone who likes to listen to tunes in the shower. It will stick to most shower walls, and has a full set of music control buttons, including handsfree!

SODIAL(R)Rechargeable Mini HIFI Stereo Sound Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Handsfree Mic Suction Speaker Shower Car Waterproof Water Resistant for iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s,...

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



24. Selfie Stick with Remote Shutter Button

selfie stick with remote shutter

The classic selfie stick. Plug the supplied cable into your phone to power the remote shutter button.

Selfie Stick, JETech Battery Free Selfie Stick Extendable Cable Control (No Battery No Bluetooth) Self-portrait Monopod Pole with Mount Holder...

1 used from £3.93
Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



25. Light-up Rave Glasses

light up rave glasses

These light-up glasses are available in seven different colours. A button on the side cycles between four different light patterns.  Powered by 2x AA batteries (not supplied).

Liroyal LED Light Up Glasses for Rave Costume Party with Battery case Controller

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



26. Airline Headphone Adaptor

airline headphone adaptor

Converts an airline seat headphone jack to a standard headphone jack. Although this style of headphone jack is slowly being phased out in newer airliners, plenty of airlines still use them. Great for anyone who travels a lot, and likes good quality sound.

High Grade - Gold Plated Airplane Headphone / Earphone Socket Adaptor - 3.5mm Mono Jack Plugs to 3.5mm Stereo Jack...

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



27. Light-Up Laces

light up led laces

Go with the glow! Light-up shoes are out, light-up laces are in. Simply replace your existing laces with this electronc version. And the fun doesn’t stop there – these laces can be used anywhere! Use them on your handbag, jacket, or rucksack.  Powered by a tiny lithium cell battery that lasts up to 70 hours.



28. UV Torch

uv torchFor the spy or detective in your life. Inspect ID cards and find unwanted stains where they shouldn’t be with this handheld UV torch.

UV Torch,TechRise 12-Led LED UV Flashlight Pets Blacklight Dogs/Cats Urine Detector, Ultraviolet Flashlight Find Dry Stains on Clothes, Carpets or...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



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Tool Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

29. Keychain Spirit LevelKeychain Spirit Level

This handy spirit level is just perfect for anyone who likes things straight. Give that person the gift of knowlede – the power to know whether something really is squint or not.

Ex-Pro Keychain Spirit Level, Mini Version great for Home, Office & work. Excellent Gadget Gift.

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26


30. Glasses Repair Kit

glasses repair kit

This repair kit is a fantastic toolbox with everything you could possibly need to fix glasses. Consists of a dual flat blade and Phillips screwdriver,  and dozens of nose pads, screws, nuts, and washers to fix just about any spectacle problem.

JUNGEN Glasses Optical Repair Tool Assortment Kit Screw Nut Nose Pad Set

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



31. 8-in-1 Wallet Multi-tool

8-in-1 wallet multi toolFor the person who’se prepared for anything. This 8-in-1 tool slips into your wallet like a credit card, waiting for that day when you eventually need it.

Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 multi tool - credit card - tools - wallet - Ninja wallet card - Credit...

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26

32. Tweezers With LED Light

tweezers with led lightThis tool solves a big problem when using traditional tweezers: the problem of not being able to see what you are trying to pick. A tiny LED shines directly on your subject so you can find and grab it easily.

Rolson Tweezers with LED Light

1 used from £2.84
Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26


33. Bootclaw Mud Scraper

claw boot scraper

Great for footballers and rugby players who get their boots clogged up with mud from playing on wet, soft, muddy grass. Keep it on your keychain and it’s always there for you when you need it.

Bootclaw pocket mud scraper. Ideal for for football/rugby boots, golf shoes, trainers and walking boots. (black)

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



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Secret Santa Mugs Under £5

34. Periodic Table Mug

periodic table of elements mug

The perfect present for the science nut.

Periodic Table Stoneware Mug

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



35. Self-Stirring Mug

self stirring mug

An incredible time-saver and ideal for anyone who likes their brew well-stirred. Just press the button on the handle, and the internal mechanism takes over and stirs your drink. Powered by 2x AAA batteries (not supplied).

Self-Stirring Mug

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26
£3.79 £12.99



36. 2018 F1 Calendar Mug

F1 race calendar mug

The full 2018  F1 calendar, printed on the side of a mug.

2018 Motor Car Racing Fixtures Race Calendar Ceramic Mug

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



37. Star Wars Coffee Mug

star wars coffee mug

“May the Froth be With You”

Star Wars, Starbucks Coffee Ceramic Mug, White, 11 Ounce

1 used from £4.35
Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



38. Enamel Mug

enamel mugRoll back the years with this enamel-coated steel mug.

Falcon 8cm White Enamel Mug

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



39. I Heart Spreadsheets Mug

I heart spreadsheets mugIdeal for the person who things you can solve any problem with an Excel spreadsheet.

Paladone I Love Spreadsheets Mug

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



40. Chalkboard Mug

chalkboard mugThis mug is coated  in chalkboard material, meaning you can actually write stuff on it… with a piece of chalk. Be creative!

Ceramic Chalkboard Mug

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



41. Phonetic Alphabet Mug

phonetic alphabet mug

This mug is perfect for anyone working in a contact centre or anything else that involves speaking on the phone. You’ll never forget a single word, and you’ll sound like a true pro while at it.

Morse Code & Phonetic Alphabet Educational Gift Mug

Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



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Alcohol-themed Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

42. Gin & Tonic Soap

gin tonic soap

This handmade soap features gin & tonic ingredients juniper berries and lime to give that fragrance you love so well.



43. Prosecco Lip Balm

prosecco lip balm

For anyone who just can’t get enough prosecco at the weekend, here’s how to satisfy your fix every day.

Bath House Rose Prosecco Lip Balm 15g Tin

Free shipping
Last update was in: 22 May 18 21:26



44. Christmas Prosecco & Clementine Handmade Soap

prosecco soap

A Christmas special mousturising soap.




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