9 Magical Harry Potter Monopoly Editions

What’s a wizard or witch to do when they want to play that addicting game Muggles call Monopoly? Find a wonderful wizarding world equivalent and get playing, of course! These board games are suitable for wizards, witches, Muggles, and anyone else with a love for a good game and a touch of magic.

Ready to ride the Hogwarts Express? Buy property on Diagon Alley? Breathe a sigh of relief when the dice roll just spares you from going straight to Azkaban without passing Go and without collecting 200 Galleons?

We’ve put together a list of our favourite Harry Potter inspired monopoly kits, worthy of the highest level wizard as well as the most clueless Muggle out there. So whether you’re a spell-caster of the highest order or a mere lowly house elf, and whether you can afford to buy the Ministry of Magic or have to start out with the Cupboard Under the Stairs, it’s time to pick up those dice and get a spellbinding game going!

Each of these Monopoly editions delivers to the UK.

1. Extendable Harry Potter Monopoly Bundle

extendable harry potter monopoly bundle

Here is a mammoth Monopoly bundle to get any Harry Potter fan well and truly started on the wizarding property ladder. A sleek and complete kit featuring all the money, cards, pieces, and a beautiful box to store it all in, it’s even extendable to feature more of your favourite characters as playing pieces!

Extendable Harry Potter Monopoly Bundle

Harry Potter Monopoly Board Game Bundle. Available with 10 or 18 Characters.


2. Harry Potter and the Game of Monopoly

harry potter and the game of monopoly

Let us introduce you to the next part of the story of the Boy who Lived. It’s called Harry Potter and the Game of Monopoly… This spectacular set looks suitably epic and is even available in your favourite house colour.

Harry Potter and the Game of Monopoly

Harry Potter Monopoly! Completely hand made and made to order!Game takes roughly 2 months to make - 2 1/2 months to complete and mail.Each item is assembled by hand.


3. DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Templates

diy harry potter monopoly templates

Galleons in short supply? A bit tight on those Muggle pennies? Here’s a pocket friendly Harry Potter Monopoly option: downloadable files to print and use to make your very own wizarding board game. Of course, it’s not just for penny-pinchers (or Galleon-pinchers); it’s also perfect for creative witches, wizards and Muggles.

DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Templates

Instant download documents to create your own Harry Potter Monopoly game board.

4. Harry Potter LEGO Monopoly

Lego harry potter monopoly

Harry Potter’s world in brick form is all you need to satisfy your Monopoly obsession! Drawing inspiration from the realms of wizards and colourful plastic bricks alike, this board game is absolute perfection.

Lego Harry Potter Monopoly

Lego Harry Potter Monopoly.Now you can own the Hogwarts castle in this exclusive FAN MADE Monopoly edition of the Harry Potter saga.The contents include: box, instructions, 2 ...


5. Slytherin Monopoly

slytherin monopoly

There’s a lot of Gryffindor fans out there, and as all Slytherins will know, these “brave” and “gallant” wizards and witches steal all the limelight and attention from everyone else. Not all the time though! Some understanding creator has finally magicked up a Monopoly game celebrating the one Hogwarts house that everyone loves to hate. This understanding soul creates several different kinds of Monopoly games, and if you look hard enough at her Ebay Seller page, and also the product listing, you’ll find this Slytherin gem…

Slytherin Monopoly

Custom made games inspired by the wizarding world. Make sure to message the seller to ensure you get the Slytherin version of this game.


6. Cross Stitch Harry Potter Monopoly Pattern

cross stitch harry potter monopoly pattern

If you love cross stitch and Harry Potter, you better hold on tight to your broomstick because you’re in for a special treat! This cross stitch pattern gives you all the templates and instructions for creating your own, hand stitched version of the iconic game – with a wizarding theme, of course. And that pixelated effect is just utterly adorable.

Cross Stitch Harry Potter Monopoly Pattern

This listing is for the pattern of the board, pattern of game pieces, and an alternate Ravenclaw banner ONLY! Files are PDFs. Finished product measures slightly bigger than a ...


7. Wizopoly


Everything you need to get started playing an intense wizarding version of this famous Muggle game…. including all the cottages, galleons, castles, spells and potions cards, and your favourite characters from Hogwarts and beyond.


Handmade item.Materials: game board, game box, game pieces, cottages and castles, game cards.Made to order.


8. Made to Order Harry Potter Monopoly

made to order harry potter monopoly

The maker of these incredible Monopoly inspired sets creates custom made board game sets, as well as stunning boxes for storing all the precious pieces. Each game is custom made just for you, according to what you ask!

Custom, Harry Potter inspired Monopoly game

Custom made games inspired by the wizarding world. They are made to order so please allow 2 weeks for yours to be made and shipped after payment. They can be customized to your ...


9. Hogwarts Houses Monopoly Sets

Hogwarts houses monopoly sets

If your loyalties lie with a particular Hogwarts house and you want your board game to reflect that, look no further! This awesome Monopoly game comes with all the pieces and cards you need, but you get to choose which board – and house – you want to complete your set. And with 10 different Hogwarts themed boards to choose from, you can make your board game as personal to your house as you like! Pick a board that features your favourite house, the iconic Hogwarts coat of arms, or one with quotes and coats of arms of all four houses together (pictured above). The boards even come in different sizes, with travel size and full size versions.

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