35 Unusual Wall Clocks


Whether you are an incredibly punctual person, or a relaxed soul with a rather flexible understanding of time, there will always come a point in your day when you really just need a good clock to keep you oriented.

Now, most clocks out there are pretty mundane and basic. But there are are also many, many fascinating and fun timepieces out there that can bring a smile to your face – and also remind you that the last bus is leaving in two minutes flat and you need to leave the house NOW.

So why settle for an ordinary, average clock when you could have an awesome and eye-catching one? To help you pick out just the right timepiece for you, we’ve gathered together 35 of our favourite clocks for sale in the UK to get you started!


1. Cutlery Clock

cutlery clockIt’s always time to eat with this fabulous kitchen clock! The central timepiece has knife and fork hands, framed with plastic cutlery and utensils of all kinds. Available in many different colours, it’s perfect for hungry households.

Premier Housewares Cutlery Wall Clock - Blue

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£19.94 £23.99

2. Projecting Dual Alarm Clock

projecting dual alarm clock

This impressive digital clock features a radio, a sleep timer, a soft light that projects the time onto the ceiling, 2 separate alarms to allow different wake-up times on the same morning… and it’s available in different colours. Definitely an all-round winner.

Projection Alarm Clock, Mpow Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port Snooze Function, 5-inch Large Display with Dimmer, 12/24 Hour,...

2 used from £16.21
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Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

3. DIY Frameless Silver Clock

diy frameless silver clock

Here is a clock that will become a stunning focal point in any room. Its frameless design allows you to place the numbers however close or far you want. As an added bonus, the hands move silently!

VANGOLD Modern Mute DIY Frameless Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Sticker Metal Big Watches Home Office Decorations 2 Years Warranty...

1 used from £10.50
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£13.99 £29.99

4. Digital Calendar Clock

digital calendar clock

With an extra large display, this handy digital clock clearly displays the time and date. It also includes an alarm clock and can stand on its own or hang from the wall.

[New Function]8" Digital Calendar Clock , Alarm Clock - Memory Loss Day Clock - Electronic Digital Clock with Large HD...

1 used from £39.10
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Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£39.90 £109.99

5. Time Teacher Analogue Clock

time teacher analogue clock

Learning to tell the time can be tricky business! Give your young learners a helping hand with this colourful, educational and engaging analogue clock.

Aniclock Time Teacher Children Wall Clock, Easy to Read clock with Silent movement. Teach children how to read an analogue...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

6. Waterproof Bathroom Clock

waterproof bathroom clock

This sleek bathroom timepiece is waterproof and features a thermometer, humidity meter, and timer. It can stand on its own, be hung from a hook, or stuck on the wall with the included strong suction cup.

GuDoQi Bathroom Clock Shower Timer Alarm Digital Clocks Wall Plug Socket Bathroom Waterproof Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer For Shower Cooking Makeup

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

7. Shabby Chic Vintage Clock

shabby chic vintage clock

Sporting that vintage Parisian floral style, this clock is a charming throwback to another era. Decorated with an aged vintage patchwork motif and delicate hands, it will give your home that cosy, country touch.

Shabby Chic Floral Patchwork Clock - Vintage Wall Clocks for Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen - Multi-Coloured Cute Retro Style...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

8. Vintage Skeleton Clock

vintage skeleton clock

This stunning clock proves that less is definitely more. With an open back, the skeleton metal frame allows the wall behind to really show off the beautiful timepiece fashioned from sturdy, elegant iron. A great statement clock!

FiNeWaY LIVIVO Large Traditional Vintage Style Gold Iron Wall Clock with Roman Numerals - Stylish and Elegant 60cm Open Back...

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£19.99 £39.99

9. Roman Numerals DIY Wall Clock

roman numerals diy wall clock

This sophisticated silver clock will transform any bland, empty wall into a stunning focal point. With bold Roman numerals and simple, classy hands, the individual parts of the clock can all be arranged however and wherever you want.

FAS1 Modern DIY Large Wall Clock Big Watch Decal 3D Stickers Roman Numerals Wall Clock Home Office Removable Decoration for...

2 used from £9.85
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Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

10. Metal Gears Skeleton Clock

metal gears skeleton clock

For a unique, industrial touch to your home, why not add some no-nonsense black iron decor? This eye-catching skeleton clock features big metal gears and Roman numerals, really adding that heavy-duty, mechanical vibe to any wall.

LIVIVO Large Traditional Vintage Style Black Iron Wall Clock with Roman Numerals - Stylish and Elegant Open Back Skeleton Metal...

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£16.99 £36.99

11. Rustic Round Wooden Clock

Rustic round wooden clock

Contemporary meets classic in this gorgeous wooden clock. Carefully cut-out numbers and white hour and second hands contrast well with the smooth brown face, making it easy to tell the time from anywhere in the room.

JOMPARIS 30 cm Vintage Arabic Numeral Design Rustic Country Tuscan Style Wooden Decorative Round Wall Clock

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Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£14.66 £19.99

12. Thermometer and Hygrometer Clock

 thermometer and hygrometer clock

A classic clock with a twist, this timepiece is available in five different colours and features a thermometer and hygrometer. So you can check the temperature and humidity at a glance, as well as the time.

Bresser Wall Clock, Stainless-Steel, Blue, 25 x 4.6 x 25 cm

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Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

13. Picture Frame Clock

picture frame clock

For a uniquely personal gift, fill the little photo frames around this clock with pictures! Made of smooth black plastic with a white clock face, the timepiece features a total of twelve different sized photo frames.

Denny International 12 Multi Photo Family Love Picture Wall Clock Modern Aperture Frame Ideal for Home Decor Patio

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£8.87 £19.99

14. Diamante Sunburst Clock

diamante sunburst clock

Everyone needs some sparkle in their life, and that is exactly what this clock can bring. Glittering diamanté crystals surround the smooth silver clock face, spreading out in a beautiful sunburst style from the centre.

tinkertonk 33cm Handcrafted Diamante Beaded Crystal Jeweled Sunburst Silver Wall Clock

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

15. Asymmetric Numbers DIY Wall Clock

asymmetric numbers diy wall clock

If you don’t like your surroundings to be all the same uniform and boring style, get your hands on this funky asymmetric clock! You can even replace the numbers with pictures or icons of your own.

Modern Large 3D Wall Clock Numbers Letters DIY 3D Stickers Clock Office Home Decor Gift

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

16. Garden Thermometer and Hygrometer Clock

garden thermometer and hygrometer clock

Functional and beautiful, this 3 piece garden clock features a clock face, hygrometer and thermometer, fashioned into a lovely wrought iron bird design. Made from durable, weather resistant steel and available in three different colours.

17. Ornamental Butterfly Clock

ornamental Butterfly clock

Here is a lovely clock to add that dainty little woodland touch to your home. With an intricately carved wooden pattern of a butterfly and blossoming flowers, it brings a little bit of outdoor magic indoors.

Giftgarden Butterfly Wall Clock Wooden Five Petaled Flowers Contemporary Decor for Bedroom Living Room

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Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

18. Alternative Numbers Clock

alternative numbers clock

There are many other ways to express the numbers on a clock, other than the simple numerals 1-12 that are usually used. This quirky clock is a great gift for those who think outside the box!

NIKKY HOME Lovely Design Wooden Quartz Analog Round Wall Clock with Cute Dial, 30CM Black

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

19. Wooden Tree Clock

Wooden tree clock

This laser cut wooden beauty will look at home in any room of the house. The intricate tree and bird design is finished off with slightly charred edges, for a lovely and unique piece of decor.

Giftgarden Unique Contemporary Tree-Shaped Wooden Modern Home Decorative Living Room Wall Clock Decor

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

20. Mickey Mouse Clock

Mickey Mouse clock

Everyone’s favourite mouse is now available in clock format, thanks to this Mickey style timepiece complete with little mouse shaped cutouts. You can choose from black or white versions, with several colour options for the hands.

Large Mickey Mouse Style Wall Clock Acrylic Modern Living Room, Bedroom

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

21. Marvel Avengers Clock

Marvel avengers clock

You know things are going to be epic when the Avengers assemble. And in this case, that means one epic clock, ready to bring some thrilling action (or, perhaps, some happy ticking) into your favourite hideaway.

Marvel Avengers 10 inch Analogue Wall Clock, MAR18

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

22. Frying Pan Clock

frying pan clock

This fun piece of kitchen kit looks very realistic! You’d be forgiven if you tried to take it off the wall to fry some eggs. We recommend leaving the actual frying business to another pan though…

UniqueBella Novelty Stylish Large Metal Pan Cutlery Wall Clock Sticker Hanging Clock Kitchen Cafe Wall Clock Living Room

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

23. Fairy Sticker Clock

fairy sticker clock

Home is that happy place where you can be yourself and do what you want. Like dance with fairies, if that’s what floats your boat! In which case, you’ll definitely want this cute little sticker clock set.

Angel Fairy Butterfly Wall Quartz Clock Watch with 3D DIY Acrylic Mirror Wall Decal for Living Room Kids Girls Bedroom...

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

24. Secret Safe Clock

secret safe clock

This clock is just your average analogue timepiece, until you open it up and discover the hidden little compartments lurking away at the back. Perfect for hiding away a little stash of valuables! Or chocolates…


Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

25. Coffee Wall Clock Panels

coffee wall clock panelsFor some, telling the time is easy: it’s always coffee time. If you know someone who lives, breathes, and drinks coffee, this clock and coffee panels set will be just their cup of tea- erm, coffee…

WALL CLOCK DESIGN COFFEE 3PCS MODERN KITCHEN CLOCK - Tinas Collection - The different design

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

26. Bird Song Clock

bird song clock

Here is a clock with music for the ears and soul! Announcing each hour with a melodic outburst of birdsong, the clock warbles and sings its way through 12 different bird songs for our human enjoyment.

Benail 12 Inch Bird Song Wall Clock

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

27. Glow in the Dark Moon Clock

glow in the dark moon clock

Bring the magic of the full moon right into the smallest and darkest corner of the house! This mesmerising clock glows in the dark, is easily attached almost anywhere, and makes no annoying ticking sound.

SuperDuperDecor FULL MOON wall CLOCK - Glow-in-the-Dark - boys girls childrens bedroom gift

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

28. 3D Ripples Statement Clock

If you’re looking for a classy clock with wow factor, here is your answer. Slightly overlapping circles blend together in appealing ripples to form this gorgeous clock, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

20" Ripley Wall Clock For Use Indoors And Outdoors

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

29. Glow in the Dark Death Star Clock

glow in the dark death star clock

Death Stars rarely have a pleasant fate, but this specimen is destined for a life of glowing happily in a safe, sheltered human house. The non-ticking hands help keep its overall vibe silent and ominous.

SuperDuperDecor STAR WARS CLOCK - Glow-in-the-Dark - DEATH STAR - Wall Clock

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

30. Brain Cogs Clock

brain cogs clock

Now you can literally see the wheels turning in someone’s head! Here’s an amusing and quirky timepiece for anyone with a sense of humour. And for those who take a loooong time to think things over…

Kintrot Moving Gear Clock Vintage Wooden 3D Head Art Clock Decorative Wall Clock

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01
£27.99 £39.99

31. Wheel Rim Clock

wheel rim clock

The perfect clock for car fanatics who love being out there burning rubber. Or wish they could be out there burning rubber. Features spanner and screwdriver hands, controllable LED lights, and a realistic rim shaped frame.

Neon Rim Wall Clock

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

32. Star Wars Vinyl Record Clock

star wars vinyl record clock

Vintage vinyl records, you adore. A clock for your room, you need. Obsessed with the Star Wars universe, you are. Made from vinyl records, this amazing clock is. Buy it, you must. Thank Yoda, you will.

Vinyl Music Record Wall Clock Gift for Star Wars Lovers

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

33. Steampunk Gears Clock

steampunk gears clock

It’s the incredible network of gears and little fiddly bits, all working seamlessly together, that makes clocks so enchanting. Here’s a timepiece that pays suitable steampunk homage to the fascinating intricate interiors of our timepieces.

34. Mathematical Equations Clock

mathematical equations clock

This clever clock may pose problems for some (ha ha), but the mathematically knowledgeable will have no trouble at all reading it. The rest of us… well, we can always guess, can’t we?

Maths Clock - Unique Wall Clock - Each Hour Marked By a Simple Math Equation - quartz clock - Novelty...

Free shipping
Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

35. Nightmare Before Christmas Cuckoo Clock

nightmare before christmas cuckoo clock

Here is an incredible take on the classic cuckoo clock, merging together log-cabin-in-the-woods design with Tim Burton’s fantastic animated film. It lights up, plays “This is Halloween” on the hour, and even has a ghostly little “cuckoo”.

Disney 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Cuckoo Clock - LED Lights - 'This is Halloween' Song - Moving Parts - 21"

Last update was in: 14 November 18 22:01

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