22 Cool Wallets for 2018

Cash. Dough. Dollar. Juice. Cha ching. Whatever you call it, and whether you use cash or plastic, you need somewhere to store it! And while many people opt for the classic leather bifold wallet to hold their hard-earned money, there are plenty of other options out there. After all, no person is the same and everyone has different needs and wishes.

Some favour style over function. Others don’t care what something looks like as long as it does the job. Some like to keep their moolah as inconspicuous as possible. Others like to flaunt it as much as they can. Whatever floats your boat, we say!

Like a huge thing almost like a handbag? Or are you more of a minimalist, finding even the little piece of plastic too much to carry around? Prime leather, or sleek vegan and eco friendly option? Here’s a feast of many, many awesome wallets.

1. Book Wallet

Book wallet

A dream come true for the bookworm, this wallet is handmade from a real book!  The results are absolutely gorgeous, with beautifully stitched lining and neatly organised pockets replacing the pages between the covers. It’s available in a multitude of styles, ranging from popular fantasy such as the Lord of the Rings to classics like The Great Gatsby – and everything in between. 

The Great Gatsby Book Wallet, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Penguin paperback, Gatsby gift, "We drove on toward death through the cooling...

Presenting the statement orange paperback edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Carry your cash* in a classic!This wallet is made from a brand new paperback book ...
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2. Wooden Wallet

wooden wallet

Nothing says hipster like an item made of wood when it’s usually made of something else. But one look at this beautiful ensemble of locally-sourced walnut wood and copper is enough to convince even the most hardened anti-hipster cynic that here is indeed an item of utmost stylishness and worth. Opening up to show an aperture for cards and notes, the wallet closes securely with a leather strap and is ready to faithfully accompany its design conscious owner anywhere. 

Solid Walnut And Copper Hipster Wallet

A hipster card holder for the design consious man in your life. A perfect gift for men, handcrafted using rustic materials, walnut

3. Steel Wallet

Steel Wallet

If wood isn’t your thing, how about a very shiny stainless steel wallet? This one is incredibly sleek and secure, with a gorgeous pattern on the front and available in various appropriately sleek colours such as silver and bronze. Just the perfect touch of sophisticated bling. 

RFID Stainless Steel Wallet Credit Card Holder- Prevent Electronic Credit Card Scan Theft - Cool Slim Design for Men &...

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4. Sardines Express Card Wallet

Sardines express card walletIf your daily grind includes being squashed like a tin of sardines on your commute, here is the perfect card holder to express your sentiments. Keep your cards and travel passes organised and easy to reach, and who knows, maybe you’ll even bring a smile to the face of your fellow sardines. 

Funny Humorous 'Sardines Express' Novelty Travelcard Oyster Wallet - Sale Clearance

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5. Silver Money Paper Clip

silver money paper clipOk so it’s maybe not exactly a wallet… but there are those out there for whom even the slimmest of slim wallets is just a no no. Some of these ultra minimalists use a rubber band to hold their rolls of cash together, others just put their plastic directly into their pocket. But for the suave there is a much sleeker option available: the money clip! And for the suave and cool, here is the ultimate option: a paperclip-shaped sterling silver money clip to hold your wads of cash together. 

Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Mens Paper Clip Money Clip

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6. Upcycled Fire Hose Wallet

upcycled fire hose wallet
For a truly unique home for your money, try this handmade bifold made of recycled water hose that has retired from its noble services to society. Vegan friendly, with four card pockets and a space for notes, and finished with a lorry curtain lining, this is upcycling at its best! 

Fire hose wallet, vegan wallet, for him, mens wallet, firemen, fireman, fire wallet, recycled wallet

A wallet handmade from recycled fire water hose with inner tube card slots and lorry curtain lining measures 11.5cm x 9.5cm 4 card pockets but you can easily fit several in each ...
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7. Piece of Toast Purse

Piece of toast purse
The humble slice of toast has kept millions of us alive and content over the centuries. So why not celebrate this ultimate quick and scrumptious comfort food? This piece of bread can be zipped open or closed to stash your money and valuables away, and comes with a chain that allows it to be slung over the shoulder or across the body. A truly practical and satisfying piece of toast that looks good enough to eat. 

8. Floating Wallet

floating walletThe last thing you want on a quick break or a great day out is to drop your keys or wallet into deep water. No need to worry though – this marsupial wallet has got you covered! Zip your IDs, cash and cards securely away into the pocket and attach up to 5 keys to the ring outside. With it’s bright yellow material and foam filling it will float a weight of up to 75g (2.6 oz), allowing easy locating and retrieving if dropped into water. 

Chums Unisex 4003102-Ssi Floating Marsupial, Multi-Coloured

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9. Fraud Proof Carbon Wallet

fraud proof carbon wallet
This slick wallet uses carbon material to hold your cards safely away from hackers’ attempts to intercept your card details through RFID skimming. Featuring an RFID-blocking card section as well as an external money clip for your notes, the wallet has a slim profile that slips easily into a pocket,  keeping your money safe and your mind at ease. 

Slim Carbon Credit Card Holder Luxury Wallet For Front Pocket Minimalist With Cash Money Clip … (Black)

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10. Paper Wallet

paper walletFor an ultra streamlined wallet, why not use paper? These handmade wallets upcycle cool paper into slim wallets! This particular version uses maps as the main material, but other versions using patterned paper and vintage comics are also available. The outside is plastified to make it durable, so you can carry your money and read those maps and comics for a long, long time to come.

Upcyled Paper Wallet | Maps | Bifold | Slim | Vegan | Handmade

Amazing maps 🙂 Perfect gift for almost any occasion or as a personal treat, this wallets will make heads turn! Handmade with vintage atlas with an elastic band (please specify ...
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11. Drawstring Money Pouch

drawstring money pouch
Way back in the day, before newfangled things like wallets and credit cards existed, people simply threw their silver, gold and copper into little drawstring bags and wandered around with their clinking funds hanging from their belts. So why shouldn’t we? Hark back to the simplicity and magic of the old days with a leather drawstring purse of your own. 

Leather Bag - Money Pouch, Dark Brown - Coin Purse Hand stitched - Festival, LARP Cosplay Witcher Steampunk - Medium

Handmade and sewn leather bags. Fill with whatever currency or keepsakes you like!This bag is a Dark Brown colour with a slightly shiny finish, and laced with the same ...
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12. Cassette Wallet

cassette wallet

Retro and practical, here is a cute handmade wallet expertly crafted from a real cassette tape. This version features two beautifully lined compartments that close with zips, but various styles are available, as well as a range of cassettes to choose from. You can even send the maker a beloved tape of your own for a customised wallet made especially for you! 

Wallets made by cassette tape TWO COMPARTMENTS

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13. Steampunk Leather Purse

steampunk leather purse
Let your eyes feast upon this incredible piece of workmanship! We’re pretty sure that just picking up one of these round leather beauties is enough to turn your average human into the stuff legends are made of. With a little hook on top, if you don’t want to hold it in your hand you can clip and hang this perfect sphere from your bag, jacket, belt, from a long strap thrown over your shoulder… what a stunner.   

Leather coin purse - Leather change purse - leather wallet SALE clutch wallet- coin pouch small purse leather purse women...

This beautiful handmade ball shaped leather purse / leather wallet can be carried attached to your keys or on top of your bag, hang from your belt loops, or can be the most ...
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14. Minimalist Multi-tool Wallet

minimalist multitool wallet
Can something be both minimalist and contain additional handy dandy features? The answer is yes! This tiny wallet effectively holds cash and plastic, as well as a nifty credit-card sized multitool. Now you can be prepared for any situation, without any annoying extra bulk to carry. 

ITEK Kodiak minimalist wallet (Saddle Tan-Black metal). Mens leather wallet. Father's day sale!

The revolutionary Kodiak wallet holds at least 10 cards, 20 bills, and contains a REMOVABLE multi-tool with over 10 features. Kodiak is 100% Made in America with high quality ...
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15. Playstation Wallet

playstation walletAh, finally, a gamer-friendly wallet! Celebrate the all those magical hours spent in another world with this console-shaped money carrier.

Sony Playstation Console Shaped Bifold Wallet

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16. 2D Cartoon Wallet

2D cartoon wallet
Any bystanders will look twice when you pull this little optical illusion out at the cash desk. It looks like a two dimensional drawing from a cartoon but is, of course, a perfectly functioning 3D wallet capable of carrying all your very real moolah and plastic. 

2D Cartoon Clutch Purse

This 2D effect is so good it messes with your head! This funky clutch bag uses bold outlines to create a stunning cartoon effect.

17. R2D2 Wallet

R2D2 wallet
The lovable droid lends his loyalty and cuteness to a most noble cause: that of keeping guard over your life- er, money. This official, licensed Star Wars product is just the thing for holding funds, whether in a galaxy far, far away or in an Earth dweller’s pocket.

Wallet - Star Wars - R2D2 New Girls Purse Licensed stwa0018

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18. Cash Stash Capsule

cash stash capsule
Wallets are all fine and good, but what happens when they get accidentally left at home? Disaster! Stash away some funds for emergency situations with a little metal capsule that attaches right onto your key ring. This mini money holder can fit a bank note, making it perfect for storing away an emergency £20 note. And it’s tiny size means it won’t bulk up your key ring!

True Utility CashStash + Keyring Cash Holder

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19. LEGO inspired clutch

plastic block wallet
A strong contender for a wallet that does everything and holds everything, this fusion of wallet and clutch holds your cards, notes, phone, keys, pens, and best of all, a bag of LEGO-like blocks which can be attached to raised surface on the front of the bag. So wherever you are, you can unleash your creativity as well as keep your moolah and other bits and bobs organised. 

20. Corgi Bottom Purse

corgi bottom purse
It’s no wonder the Queen has her own legion of corgis. They are just the cutest, fuzziest, smiliest things with their wee short legs and stubby little tails. Celebrate all these excellent qualities with a coin purse that exhibits all the fluff and cute little bean toes! Hamster and rabbit lovers could also get away with claiming this rotund wee derriere belongs to their animal of choice – after all, they do all look quite similar from behind…

21. Circuit Board Card Wallet

circuit board card wallet
Here is the ideal piece of futuristic craftsmanship for the IT geek and computer lover! A shiny metal  card holder decorated with a real section of circuit board. 

Circuit Board Business Card Case, Geek Gift, Husband Gift, Business Gift, Metal Card Holder, Card Case, Gift For The Boss,...

This is a unique recycled circuit board stainless steel business card holder.Each one is unique so the one you receive will have a slightly different detailed green circuit board ...
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22. Leaf Leather Wallet

leaf leather wallet
The problem for vegetarians and vegans looking for a good quality wallet is that PU leather, that usual substitute for animal hide, starts to peel pretty quickly. Plus, for the eco-conscious, the idea of contributing to more plastic consumption just isn’t great. This doesn’t mean that vegetarians have to give up on the idea of having a beautiful wallet though! Here is an organic, plant-based  leather alternative, made from real teak leaves and covered with a strong translucent seal. The result is a stunning, durable, water resistant wallet that sits easy in your pocket and doesn’t weigh on your conscience. 

Leaf Leather Bifold Wallet For Men - Handmade Natural Design - Brown

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