22 Awesome Friendship Necklaces for 2018

Whatever your kind of friendship, and whether you have one bestie or a whole troop of them, there’s a perfect necklace set out there to celebrate your BFF crew.

We’ve gathered together 22 of our favourites here, including necklaces for two to six friends to share. So get your gang together and deck yourselves out with some friendship bling!

Friendship Necklaces for 2


1. Avocado Friendship Necklaces

For your best friend and fellow avocado addict, here is the perfect necklace combo to celebrate your friendship! These cutest of cute avocado halves fit together to make one whole mini avocado. Because all great friendship necklaces fit together to result in something awesome, because friendship is the coming together of great people to result in something awesome. Aw, now we feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Kawaii BFF avocado necklaces Best friend necklace vegan jewelry avocado jewelry friendship pendant miniature food jewelry bff gift

MADE TO ORDER!These are handmade polymer clay charms. Miniature food, kawaii avocado is a great friendship necklace and pendant. Surprise your friend with a great gift- this ...
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2. Baker Street Key Pendants

baker street key pendants
For the Watson to your Sherlock Holmes, what better way of celebrating your friendship is there than a set of keys to 221B Baker Street? Hang these gorgeous pendants around your necks, and you’ll be all set to tackle whatever mysteries and adventures come your  way.


3. Eat Me Drink Me Necklace Set

One makes you grow to giant proportions and the other shrinks you right down to a minuscule size. With such results, we’re pretty glad these curious little Alice in Wonderland inspired vials come in pairs! The “Drink Me” bottle contains   an intriguingly shimmery liquid, while the “Eat Me” one contains a selection of colourful mini cakes.  Share with that fab friend you’d go down any rabbit hole with, and who’s willing to face even the craziest of Queens with you. 

4. Pokéball Friendship Necklaces

For the Pikachu to your Ash, or the Jessie to your James, here is the perfect necklace for that BFF you choose over all other humans and pocket monsters out there. 

Pokeball Necklace, Friendship Necklace, I Choose You Necklace, Geekery, Matching Necklace, Couple Jewelry, Couple Necklace, Pokeball Ring

The Friendship/Soul mate necklace "I Choose You" is made entirely of stainless steel with two separate pendants that joined together create the trainer's Ball. On the back of both ...
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5. Coke and Fries Best Friends Necklaces

Can’t have chips without a can of coke. Who’s that person you need in your life as much as you need this combo? Here’s the ultimate fast food gift to hang around their neck.  


6. ‘Partners In Crime’ Handcuff Necklaces

For your true partners in crime, what better symbol of the mischief you get up to is there than a set of sleek handcuffs?  Each necklace features one handcuff that can be opened and fastened to another if desired.  


7. Finding Nemo Squishy Necklaces

When Dory was helping look for Nemo and came across an utterly adorable mini jellyfish bobbing about happily in the deep blue sea, this iconic line came from her blessed lips. Who’s your squishy? Here is a great necklace set to share with them, complete with little silvery jellyfish charms hanging from the chain.


8. Batman and Robin Necklaces

Every Batman needs a Robin, and every Robin needs a Batman. And every human needs a friendship like those two’s! Here’s a fantastic pendant set to share with your own heroic partner or sidekick.  

*UK* Silver-Tone 'Batman' 'Robin' Engraved Pendant Necklace 2.0 x 1.5cm With 18 Inch Chain Best Friends Forever Girlfriend

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9. Toilet Paper and Poo Friendship Necklaces

There is no such thing as TMI with your best friend forever. That’s why this cute little smiling duo is so appropriate for besties.  Handcrafted from polymer clay and hung on chains, these are truly unique necklaces for that unique friendship.

TP & Poo Matching Necklaces Set

WELCOME! Find all my keychains here: http://etsy.me/2hxVmbGFunny Poop and Toilet paper necklaces created from polymer clay without molds or forms.This is a great gift to give a ...
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10. Stormtrooper Friendship Necklaces

stormtrooper friendship necklaces

There are many kinds of friendship in this world.  Have you got a Chewbacca to your Han Solo? Or C-3PO to your R2-D2? No? Well here’s one to beat them all: a Stormtrooper to your Stormtrooper. Time for the enemies of the Galactic Empire to cower before you and your best pal.


11. Compass Friendship Necklaces

Friendship knows no boundaries, and even if you’re on the other side of the world from your bestie… well, you’re still besties, obviously. These beautiful necklaces feature little compasses and a lovely reminder that no matter where you are, your best friend will always be there for you when you need it.


Friendship Necklaces for 3

12. Tea Set Friendship Necklaces

Tea set friendship necklaces
Here is a beautifully delicate set of dainty tea cup, saucer and spoon necklaces for a trio of besties who love a good natter over a cup of tea. The dainty set includes one necklace with a painted glass tea cup charm, one with a painted glass saucer, and a third with a silver-toned metal spoon. A set of only two necklaces is also available, featuring a super cute teapot and cream jug. 

3 best friend necklaces or 2 friendship necklaces. Tea cups, tea pot, cup, saucer, spoon charm. Spot of tea best...

This listing is for a set of three OR a set of two tea set-themed charm necklaces. All charms are hung from an 18-inch hand-cut silver-toned chain with a matching lobster claw ...
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13. Rock Paper Scissors Best Friend Necklaces

rock paper scissors best friends necklaces

True friends aren’t afraid to have differing opinions, but they also respect each others’ viewpoints and know how to solve disagreements peacefully. In a nice, mature manner. Which means that the bestest of friends are well acquainted with a quick round of Rock, Paper, Scissors…  here’s a wearable collection of a rock, a piece of paper, and a pair of scissors  to celebrate a simple game and fabulous friendships!

Rock paper scissors necklaces. 3 best friend necklaces. Set of 3 friendship necklaces. Best friend gift. Gift for her. Gift...

"I ordered these necklaces for a Christmas gift and am absolutely in love with them. I hope my friends will love them as much as I do! She was very nice and answered my questions ...
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14. Zombie Virus and Antidote Pendants

Life in a world full of the walking dead definitely keeps you on your toes! If you woke up in a zombie apocalypse, who would you want by your side? Kit out your loyal team with this set of useful pendants, featuring one vial of zombie virus, another of zombie  antivirus, and a third with zombie antidote.  

Zombie Necklace

Be prepared for the zombie apocalypseChoose between yellow zombie virus, blue antivirus or green antidoteChain length approx 42 cm (17 inch)Includes an organza presentation ...
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Friendship Necklaces for 4

15. Four Elements Necklaces

Air. Fire. Water. Earth. The four elements each symbolise many things such as strength, intelligence, wisdom, passion and creativity, and all four are necessary for balance, harmony, and life itself. These intricate, double-sided pendants display the image of the element on one side, and its symbol on the other. Made from silver, with different lengths of sliver chains to choose from, these are beautiful tokens of friendship to share with your best pals!

Four Elements Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver - Fire, Air, Water, Earth Charm Necklace - Four Elements Jewelry - Four...

925 Sterling Silver Elemental Charm Necklaces - Earth, Air, Water and Fire. These make the perfect Best Friend gifts or keep one or all four for yourself and wear them as ...
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17. Harry Potter Friendship Necklaces

Before Harry, Hermione and Ron, there were Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail, and Prongs. Whoever your Marauders are, give them these necklaces, solemnly swear that you are up to no good, and get that mischief managed!

D20 - RPG - Simple Budget Dice Pendant - 4 Colors - Dungeons And Dragons - Fantasy - Couples Jewelry...

D20 - RPG - Dice Pendant - 4 Colors - Dungeons And Dragons - Fantasy - Couples Jewelry - Best FriendsChoose Color From Drop DownNot suitable for swimming or other sports. Not ...
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Friendship Necklaces for 5

18. Irish Coin Necklaces

irish coin 5 piece necklace

These 5-piece necklaces are carefully hand-cut from a single old Irish coin, making 4 hearts that fit perfectly into each other, and one mother ring.

Harry Potter Friendship Necklace // "Padfoot" // "Prongs" // "Moony" // "Wormtail" // Marauder's Map

-24 inch chain in matching finish (lead and nickel free)I also make custom ones!All proceeds go to helping me march!**Note** I am not affiliated with Disney or any of the drum ...
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Friendship Necklaces for 6

19. Pizza Slice Necklaces

pizza slice necklaces

At the core of any true friendship is the sharing of food together. These little silvery fast-food necklaces are just the thing for your squad! There are up to six slices of pizza friendship up for grabs in this scrumptious necklace set, each on their own sleek chain.  

Contever® 1 Set of 6 pcs Antique Pizza Slice Pendant Friendship Necklace - Silver Color

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20. Game of Thrones House Necklaces


The world is a savage place, and few are the ones you can trust. For those lucky enough to have loyal friends, cement those friendships with some neck medallions featuring famous sigils. Lannister, Tyrell, Arryn, Targaryen, Martell, and Baratheon are all represented.


Other Friendship Necklaces

21. Hobbit Door Lockets

From the lush rolling hills of the Shire to the fiery depths of Mount Doom, few friendships could be deeper than that of Frodo and Sam. It’s only fitting that someone has produced necklaces that celebrate that admirable halfling friendship. Not only are these little Bag End inspired doors absolutely adorable, but they even open up to hold a wee picture of your favourite Hobbit- er, friend.  


22. “Friendship” Chinese Character Necklace

These cool pewter pendants feature the Chinese character for friendship, hung on an adjustable black rope necklace.

Llords Jewellery Chinese Character Necklace Pendant Friendship Symbol, Fine Pewter Jewelry

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