18 Best Easter Eggs of 2018

Chocolate easter eggs don’t have to be boring! The days of the typical easter egg pack consisting of a hollow, bland chocolate egg with a chocolate bar or two thrown in are now in the distant past. There are many, many more interesting, better tasting, and simply far more extravagant easter eggs available on the market today. So we set out to discover them – the best easter eggs of 2018 that money can buy in the UK, and listed our findings here.


1. Half-dozen Golden Praline Eggs

fortnum and mason golden praline eggsA half-dozen eggs presented the way you’re used to seeing them. These are reall egg shells, emptied first before being filled with delicious praline chocolate, and painted in gorgeous gold. Crack open the golden shell just like a normal egg and enjoy the chocolate delight inside.

Six Golden Praline Eggs

Six real hen egg shells have been intricately hollowed, painted gold for fairytale appeal and filled to the brim with praline chocolate. Crack as you would a real egg and enjoy ...


2. Pot Noodle Easter Egg

pot noodle easter eggPot Noodle isn’t really a brand you expect to produce an easter egg, but here we are – and it’s a bit of a stretch. Contains one milk chocolate egg, and a Pot Noodle branded ceramic mug. As the mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, it makes the perfect mug for cooking up your next pot noodle.

Pot Noodle Milk Chocolate Egg and Ceramic Mug, 65g

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3. Creme Egg Rugby Ball

creme egg rugby ballAs it’s actually a rugby ball, the Optimum choc egg rugby ball isn’t edible at all. But it looks just like the Cadbury’s Creme Egg that we all know and love.

Easter Chocolate Egg Mini Rugby Ball - size Mini

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4. Thorntons Lemon Meringue Easter Egg

thorntons lemon meringue easter eggDesigned with lemon meringue lovers in mind, this incredible white chocolate easter egg is not only flavoured with lemon, but it also contains delicious pieces of meringue and zesty candied lemon peel. And if that’s not enough, it also includes 4 separate lemon meringue chocolates to satisfy any lemon and chocolate cravings.

Thorntons Lemon Meringue Egg, 319 g

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5. LED Fairy Light Easter Eggs

LED fairy light easter eggsThe second and final non-edible entry in this list. Warm white energy-saving LEDs light up this string of 10 easter eggs, each resting in it’s own nest and surrounded by feathers. Requires 3x AA batteries for 100 hours of lighting.

10 Easter Egg Nest Battery Operated Micro LED Fairy Lights by Lights4fun

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6. Easter Egg for Dogs

Hatchwell easter egg for dogs

We couldn’t possibly make a list of the best easter eggs of 2018 without including something for our pets. Now, everyone knows you don’t feed a dog chocolate. Which usually means that they can’t participate in easter eggs at all! Until the good folks over at Hatchwells decided to make an egg just for our furry friends. This egg is 100% carob, the dog-friendly and healthy alternative to chocolate.

Easter Egg for your Dog

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7. 42 cm Giant Chocolate Easter Egg

42 cm giant chocolate easter egg

This truly giant chocolate egg stands at a massive 42cm / 16 ½ inches tall!  Choose from either the standard “Happy Easter” message, or customise your own using up to 30 characters. These eggs are made to order, so make sure you order yours in plenty of time.

Giant Easter Egg

Thick Belgian milk chocolate with contrasting chocolate speckles and a seasonal greeting. This cracking great egg stands 42cm tall! A giant hollow milk chocolate egg with a dark ...


8. DIY Easter Egg Kit

diy easter egg kit

Design and decorate your own chocolate easter eggs in your own style this easter with this kit that includes everything you could possibly need. A well as 4 flat milk chocolate eggs, the kit includes gummy sweets, chocolate beans, rainbow strips, marshmallows, and many more sweet and tasty decorations. Brushes, ribbons, fluffy chicks, and clear cellophane bags are also included.

Easter Eggs Decoration Kit

Cocoapod has produced an Easter egg kit of chocolate and sweeties, decorate your chocolate eggs with all the included sweets as an Easter treat. Ideal for parties, either ...


9. Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich

chocolate easter egg sandwichA chocolate take on the traditional egg sandwich, served in the triangular sandwich container we know so well. Made entirely from chocolate, the ‘bread’ part of this sandwich is actually made to a 3D scanned model of real bread. The egg is of course chocolate.

Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich

We put a loaf of granary bread through a 3D scanner to create the slices for your Egg Sandwich, which is why it looks and feels so much like the real thing! Weight: 135g


10. Milk Chocolate Popcorn Egg

chocolate gourmet popcorn easter eggThis chocolate egg features salted caramel popcorn on the inside the luxurious chocolate egg shell.

Divine Gourmet Popcorn Egg, 218 g

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11. Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Eggs

Reese's Peanut Butter Creme EggReese’s have finally joined the easter egg market! The chocolate and peanut butter experts have made exactly what you would expect – a chocolate shell egg with their famous peanut butter creme stuffed in the centre. If you’re fed up of creme eggs, it’s time to switch over to these.

Full Box 36 x Reeses Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Creme Easter Eggs

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12. 3 Kg Mini Eggs Bag

3kg bag of mini eggsEveryone loves mini eggs. However the biggest problem with them is how fast they disappear. It always feels like no bag is big enough! So here’s the solution. Your standard bag of mini eggs holds 90 grams. At 3Kg capacity, this gigantic bag holds 33 times that amount!!! That is a lot of mini eggs. We recommend you don’t eat them all in one sitting.

Glisten Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs 3 Kg

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13. Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs

Chocolate easter egg truffles

These eggs are handmade, using chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cakes, along with buttercream and even champagne to create an amazing truffle with a delicions yellow yolk effect in the centre. The outside shell is covered in smooth Belgian chocolate, giving these eggs a stunning natural speckled egg effect. Available in quantities of 6, 12, or 18. Each egg is approximately 2cm in diameter.

Speckled Egg Truffles

Inspired by our favourite Easter chocolate treat. Delight your loved one with this delicious present. Bound to intrigue and amaze this makes the perfect alternative to a box of ...


14. Solid Chocolate Egg in Real Eggshell

fazer solid chocolate mignon easter egg
This solid chocolate egg has been a part of Finnish easter tradition since 1896. Each egg is handmade in Finland. A real, hollowed out eggshell is filled with chocolate specialist Fazer’s deliciously creamy chocolate filling containing hazelnuts and almonds, creating a rich, solid chocolate easter egg.
Image via PDP.

Fazer Mignon Chocolate Egg

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15. Cadbury’s Creme Scotch Egg

Cadbury Creme Scotch Egg

Contrary to what the name suggests, these easter eggs are not savoury at all. Carefully handcrafted in Sweet Trees’ family kitchens, these eggs consist of a Cadburys Creme egg, wrapped in a chocolate toffee crisp biscuit crunch, then rolled to a finish in chocolate biscuit crumbs.

Cadbury Creme Scotch Egg

A Cadbury's Creme Chocolate Scotch Egg! This Scotch Egg is made with a difference! CHOCOLATE! A Cadburys Creme egg wrapped in a chocolate toffee crisp biscuit crunch, then rolled ...


16. Fried Chocolate Egg

chocolate fried egg
Careful crafting is used in these eggs to turn sweet and smooth white chocolate into an incredibly realistic looking, full sized fried egg. Price includes a windowed presentation box.

White Chocolate Fried Egg Gift Box

Not your average Easter Egg! Surprise someone this Easter with this amazingly realistic white chocolate fried egg.


17. Chocolate Pineapple Easter Egg

artisan du chocolat pineapple easter egg

In a throwback to the 80’s, Artisan du Chocolat have created this golden chocolate, pineapple shaped easter egg. Also includes 6x dark chocolate Piña Colada truffles.

Artisan du Chocolat Pineapple Egg

Feeling 80’s? Then this stunning, ludicrously exuberant, gold pineapple egg with dark chocolate Pina Colada truffles is for you!


18. Dragon Egg

chocolate dinosaur easter eggThis chocolate dragon’s egg is made with stunning detail – check out the reptile scales, and spikes. Inside you’ll find dark chocolate and chili mini eggs.

Dragon Egg

A fun, yet sophisticated dragon’s egg made from our finest milk chocolate, with dazzlingly and iridescent red scales. Nestled inside you’ll discover rich Columbian dark chocolate ...

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