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Nail Polish Assistant


Nail Polish Assistant

tweexy - The Original Wearable Nail Polish and Varnish Holder in Bonbon Pink

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Nail Polish Assistant

Do yourself (and your nails) a favour by securing that fidgety nail-polish bottle neatly to your hand, right where you need it. No more spills, scrapes, or ruined topcoats – just glam nails, just like how it should be.

No more need to hunt for a surface to rest your nail polish bottle
Do your nails anytime, anywhere
Soft and smooth silicone ring firmly holds one bottle of nail polish

Doing your nails involves a steady hand, time and patience, and it is just SO frustrating when something messes up that one nail just before it’s fully dried. And what is usually the culprit? That bottle of nail polish, falling over as you’re painting that last layer of gloss, or slipping in your hands as you gingerly try to unscrew the brush with newly-painted fingernails.

Where is that bottle supposed to go, anyway? Too often there isn’t a good surface at hand to rest it as you do your nails, and it ends up perched precariously on the arm of the chair, or grasped between the knees. When focusing hard on ensuring an even coat of polish, it’s so easy to knock that bottle over and scrape that new coating when fumbling to deal with the resulting mess. Annoying, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be so frustrating. Pop that bottle of nail polish or varnish into an easily accessible and out-of-harm’s way location: the top of your hand. The Tweexy nail polish holder sits like a ring on two fingers, providing a remarkably useful little holder for that nail polish bottle, right next to where it’s needed. It holds the polish so snugly that you can open the bottle with one hand (already this is a winner) and means you  could really do your nails anywhere with the gadget – when relaxing in the bath, for example, or standing with no chairs in sight, or when sunbathing on the beach…

The Tweexy Nail Polish Assistant is made from smooth, flexible silicone and is available in several delicious colours.


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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 05:26
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