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Sunflower Umbrella


sunflower umbrella

Plemo Travel Umbrella With Auto Open and Close, Yellow

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Sunflower Umbrella

Rainy days are such a drag, with all the grey skies and raindrops and sad looking people.

You love cheering people up, however, and carry sunny yellow smiley face stickers just for these occasions! You also try and dress even more cheerily on days like this; bright, flowered frocks, fun yellow gumboots, and a…black umbrella? It is hard to find cheerful umbrellas, most of them come in tasteful boring colours, like black, grey and beige. You’ve tried painting umbrellas in the past, but every time it rains the paint just washes off. Honestly, it’s enough to take the ‘Sun’ out of your ‘Sunday.’

can go on your way, happily shedding sunlight and rainbows wherever you tread. Let the clouds grumble gloomily, let the rain spoil everyone’s picnic; you’ll still be smiling and passing lollipops out to children.

Everyone who sees you will smile, amused by your colourful sunflower umbrella and flowery garb, and their day will suddenly be brightened, in spite of the dull and gloomy weather. You’ll also be easy to spot, so you’ll never get left at airports, miss your coffee dates, and you’ll always get a taxi! Grab one today, and brighten even the darkest day with this cheery Sunflower Umbrella.

Remember, you can use an Umbrella Dryer Case to dry and store your umbrella at any time. If you’re looking for an umbrella that give a tougher image, the Samurai Umbrella is for you.


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Last update was on: 25 March 2020 05:27
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