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SUCK UK Jetpack Backpack

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Jetpack Backpack

Long, long ago, before the new Millennium, mankind dreamt of talking watches and jetpack travel. While flying jetpacks haven’t quite taken off in the mainstream yet, here is one eager specimen ready for the trek to school, the stars, and beyond – though it may require a small human’s help to get it moving…

Hold all those essential things for each day’s adventure
Show your mini space adventurer that the sky really is the limit
Jetpacks have finally become a reality

Ready for lift-off? Whatever the mission, this backpack has got it covered. With plentiful pockets and spaces for all the vital things, you can pack everything you need for a day-long mission to school, an adventurous cruise into the park, or a quick flight to the shop to pick up essentials for dinner (or snack time). All it needs is a little person to strap it on and begin the count-down to lift-off.

The backpack can fit exercise books up to 25 cm long in its main storage section, and features awesome red fuel tank pockets at the back to stock up with drinks, so that the pilot need never run out of fuel. After all, a good astronaut has to prepare carefully for every journey! When the time comes for lunch, refuelling is only a zipper away.

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Alternatively, the fuel tanks can be used to store other necessary things such as pencils. It also has hand side pockets for smaller bits and bobs to stay in easy reach. Anything your mini space adventurer wants to take on their journey, this pack can handle it in futuristic style.

And, coolest of all, the bottom of the backpack has two fiery launchers jetting out intense red and yellow “flames”. This pack clearly isn’t hanging around – there are lift-offs and adventures ahead! Perfect for imaginative and adventurous little minds eager to explore their universe.


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Last update was on: 21 February 2020 06:29

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